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Use These 18 Proven Worksheets and Templates to Streamline Your Business and Increase Your Profits with Far Less Work

 Are you winging your business without planning, processes, and procedures and
finding that you don’t get the results you want?

Is your business running smoothly or...

Is every new product and event overwhelming because you don't know where to start?  
Do you feel like you don't know the next step to take with assurance and accuracy?
Do you want a business that you love yet you find yourself confused about exactly what to do and how to do it?

These 18 templates, worksheets, guides, and resources will help you through every step in your business. You’ll be able to:

Check off worksheet steps, knowing you haven’t forgotten anything and knowing you're doing the right thing every single time
Use the templates to save LOTS of time. On average, the clients using these templates save hours, even days.
Follow valuable guides to get better results more quickly
Use the resources to have the information you need at your fingertips

Introducing "Worksheets and Templates for the Online Entrepreneur!"

Each one has been proven in real-world entrepreneurial businesses and has been dialed in to get you the absolute best result
Do you need to create a product, funnel, or webinar? We’ve got you covered!
Want to grow your list, hire a VA, or find the best image for social media? You’ve got it!
Need to promote your blog posts, write an e-book, write autoresponders, or create a great sales page? Yup, we’ve included what you need!

In a minute, I'll tell you exactly what's included, but first...

Who am I and why should you learn from me?

My name is Ellen Finkelstein and I’ve been online since 1999, when I started my first website. I’ve been selling products since 2004 and built subscriber lists to over 20K. I was overwhelmed until I discovered procedures and how much they helped me get more done with less stress and greater accuracy. 

Over the years, I found that I couldn't remember every procedure and process. I felt like I was recreating the wheel for each freebie, each product, and each promotional campaign. 

So I created worksheets and templates for myself. Then I gave them to my virtual assistants.

When I started creating products and coaching, I gave them to my customers and clients. They used them to create sales pages, write their autoresponders, and find the images they needed for social media. And a lot more!

So I decided to put a group of them together so everyone could benefit!

If you read over the list, you’ll see that the collection covers most of the processes you need in your business. How amazing to not have to create these from scratch yourself (as I did)!

I told you I'd tell you EXACTLY what's included, so here's the list...

Product Planning Worksheet

Step-by-step worksheet for planning your product’s name, promotion, and development-all 22 steps!

Webinar Planning Worksheet

19 steps for planning and delivering the best webinar ever.

Marketing Plan Worksheet

Do this annually to set your goals.

How to Create a Simple Funnel Worksheet

Create a funnel from a freebie to an upsell and make sure you don’t leave money on the table!

How to Write and Sell an E-book Cheatsheet

Follow these steps to write an e-book, turn it into a PDF, and sell it on your website. E-books are the ideal low-cost product!

Write Your Story Worksheet

Discover the story that will engage your audience and readers, so that they know, like, and trust you.

BARE System for Choosing the Perfect Image

Learn the 4 simple steps for choosing the most powerful image for slides, social media, and blog posts.

 4 Customizable Video Post Templates   

Create super-engaging videos for social media with these easy PowerPoint templates.

30+ Essential Software, Tools & Plug-ins

This resource will help you choose all of the tools you need for your business!

Hire a Great VA

Use this test to make sure your new hire can do what you need her to do!

10 Free and Unusual Ways to Grow Your List

Discover little-used but effective free ways to grow your list of subscribers.

5 ideas in 4 niches for $7 products you can create quickly

Having trouble coming up with low-cost product ideas? This will help!

80+ free or low-cost image sites

Find the images you need with this great resource of over 80 images sites, mostly free.

Reach 2X the Audience with Your Message worksheet

Get more likes, shares and comments on your blog posts as you reach way more people.

E-book cover template & sample   

Use this template to create a cover for your e-books.

E-book template

Use this template for format your e-books in Microsoft Word

Autoresponder template

Follow this template to write autoresponders that engage your new subscribers and turn them into fans that buy from you again and again

Sales page template

This template will be your guide for writing long-form sales pages. Easy-peasy! (It’s what I used for this sales page, of course.)

What would you miss if you don’t get these worksheets and templates?

The price of these worksheets, templates, guides and resources is so low that it would be a shame to miss out on them. Some of these will easily increase your income, like the Sales Page Template, 10 Free and Unusual Ways to Grow Your List, the Product Planning Worksheet, the Create a Simple Funnel Worksheet, and the Webinar Planning Worksheet.

Others will save you time and frustration, like the Write Your Story Worksheet, the BARE System for Choosing the Perfect Image, the 4 customizable Video Post Templates, the E-book Template, and the Hire a Great VA test.

Some will both increase your income AND save you time.

online entrepreneur

You own a business. You shouldn’t be winging it. As a business owner, you should have systematic processes that you follow.
That’s how to get the results that you want.

What Others Are Saying

I’ve never sold these items together before, but people HAVE used the individual templates, worksheets, guides, and resources. Here are a few of their comments:

A winning image

"The BARE checklist is a model made up of four questions that you can ask yourself when looking for images for your PowerPoint slide. If you satisfy all four questions, you have a winning image. Full disclosure, I did not come up with the content on this PowerPoint image checklist. Full credit goes to Ellen Finkelstein." 

Yousef Abu Ghaidah

    Yousef "Yoyo" Abu Ghaidah    

 internationally known PowerPoint presentation designer


 “Thank you, Ellen. This 10 Free and Unusual Ways to Build Your List is brilliant.”    

Shan Rees

Shan Rees

Women's Assertiveness Coach

Very creative

“Hi Ellen, I read [the test] over, and think it’s a very creative way to assess the skill level of Virtual Assistant candidates. I’m not hiring one right now, but will use this in the future. Many thanks!”

Roger Revell

Roger Revell

My guarantee

“Worksheets and Templates for the Online Entrepreneur” comes with a 30-day guarantee. If you decide that it won’t be useful for you, just ask for a full refund and delete the items from your device.

There's no risk for you when you purchase this product, but great opportunity for you to benefit.

And I have a bonus for you!

How to Write and Sell an E-book: The bottom line is that becoming an author is one of the greatest credibility tools you'll ever have. People are impressed by business owners, even by speakers, but mostly by authors.
This e-book is related to many of the worksheets and templates. It will show you how to create a simple product and then promote and sell it. You can use several of the worksheets and templates in the process – the e-book cover and content templates, the Product Planning Worksheet, the Sales Page template, the How to Create a Simple Funnel worksheet, and more. 

Are you ready to get more done in less with and with less frustration?

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