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Why creativity is so important for online entrepreneurs and how to find yours — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you for these tips. I do need to get out more and experience a change in scenery. I mostly work online in the comforts of my own home. While I do appreciate having tons of work to do, I feel like I lack the inspiration to bring my business to the next level because of lack of creativity. I will try your tips. Thank you.

  2. Very good, helpful blog post, Ellen. In my consulting work I’ve found that about one-third of adults need to be given permission — in various ways — to be more creative. The individuals who have a more pessimistic world view find this very challenging. We need their balance because they tend to be best at identifying (when we listen to them) why some initiative may fail. If we listen, we often are able to “plan around” the potential failures. Still, they are challenged by change. Thanks again!

  3. Roger, that’s an interesting point, that many people need permission to be more creative. The way I often see it is in an inability of people to trust their own feelings, so they can’t make a decision without getting permission or approval from someone else.

  4. This is a long guide but I think it’s worth following it. Hoping that I find my creativity soon.

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