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Why blog posts now need a call to action — 9 Comments

  1. I’ve been of the mindset that you always need a call to action in your blog posts even if it’s a simple question followed by “Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.”
    However, I think the examples you’ve provided here are terrific ones to consider using!
    Thanks a million.

  2. Debra, I’ve been asking people to comment for a long time, but am now often including something more than that, including a link to a product. Then I can also link to the blog post as a way to promote the product.

  3. Thanks for the information and the practice of making it happen as you go.

    Simple steps that engage and make the process more practical and in motion.

  4. Really great article, Ellen! I love your suggestions and will definitely start incorporating them into my blog posts. Re the exit pop-up: I had Pop-Up Ally on my site and it played havoc with my opt-ins. I have several types of free opt-ins. During a recent online challenge that I offered, I found that if readers took too long to fill in the opt-in form for the challenge, the exit pop-up would appear. They filled in that opt-in form by mistake and ended up on the wrong list. With the help of my email service provider, it took quite a while to figure out that it was the pop-up that was causing the problem.

  5. Ida, glad you liked the article! Thanks for the info about Pop-Up Ally. I’ve stopped using it but my web designer is still trying to get Thrive Leads to work properly with my theme. Frustrating!

  6. Ellen…Hope you had a great birthday and thanks for this gift to us! Really great tips. Have been leery of “leaving the page”pop-ups as I find them annoying if they go off the rails which it seems quite often they do. Really like circular links so that everything leads back to either a related page on the website with another opt-in/freebie or a tripwire product that is related to their last clickable link; always making sure they are getting something of value and significance and that any videos, etc., are embedded so that they don’t leave the website to watch it and then click on another YouTube video! Am just getting into this but really see the power of CTA and keeping everything connected. Thanks again for the good stuff!

  7. Gayle, I’m struggling with pop-ups myself and they seem to conflict with one of the themes I’m using. But that’s why a CTA in the blog post itself is so valuable — it flows naturally — or should — from the content and doesn’t seem so intrusive. Thanks for your comment!

  8. A CTA at the end of a blog post really helps direct my customers to take action. I haven’t tried the pop-ups yet as they might be intrusive. But since you recommended it, I might just give it a go. WordPress has a free pop-up widget that’s connected to MailChimp so I might start with that first and see what happens next. I’m still very new at this but I’m always willing to learn, thanks to your helpful posts.

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