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online-business-no-one-way-1In spite of what the gurus and coaches say, there is no one way to make a good living online.

For example, I’m reading Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets — a great book, by the way. In it, he talks about a statement that you need to have when you’re trying to sell a product. He calls it the Big Domino — if you can get people to believe that, then they’ll buy your product.

His statement is,

“The only way for you to exponentially grow your company is through sales funnels. The only way to build funnels is through ClickFunnels.”

He makes a good case for this statement.

Here’s the thing. I know people who are successful online who don’t use funnels.

For example, one 7-figure marketer makes money with email marketing to her large list, including promoting her own products and promoting affiliate products. No funnels. No speaking to sell.

And I know another 7-figure marketer who makes his money with a membership program and joint ventures.

And another 7-figure marketer who created and sold online courses using joint ventures.

And another marketer who makes a great income with group coaching.

Have you heard some sales pitches that indicated that their method was the only way to succeed?

The point is that people who succeed often think that what worked for them is the only way to make money. But there are many online business models that work.

online-business-no-one-way-3In fact, you can follow any of these models and fail

Business models are important but more important is implementation.

  • You can try to sell products with funnels and not get people to buy
  • You can try to sell with email marketing and not get people to buy
  • You can create a membership program and not get people to join.
  • You can try joint ventures and not get any partners

Now that I’ve laid this out clearly, it’s pretty obvious, right?

There are some wrong ways, though

Here’s what you can do wrong…

  • You can avoid creating content
  • You can avoid sending emails to your subscribers
  • You can avoid partnering with others
  • You can waste time on social media being social rather than strategic
  • You can shy away from speaking opportunities

I could go on and on… Do those ways of acting sound familiar to you?

There are several models — perhaps many — that have brought success to entrepreneurs. But these same models have brought others failure. Success is more about implementation than the model.

How do you choose the right business model for you?

You want to choose an online business model that fits

  • Can you coach? Maybe you can do group coaching.
  • Can you create great online courses? Maybe you can sell online courses.
  • Are you great at creating products? Maybe you should sell information products. (These aren’t so different from online courses.)
  • Do you write great emails? Maybe you should do email marketing.
  • Are you great at developing relationships with partners? Maybe you should do joint ventures.

These approaches are not mutually exclusive, of course. You can sell your information products using email marketing and sell products of partners as an affiliate in the same way.

But you have to be:

  • Consistent
  • Decisive
  • Productive
  • Focused
  • Creative

You also need to be:

  • A good writer
  • A good speaker
  • A good relationship builder

It also helps if you have developed an expertise on a topic that people want to hear about. For example, I’ve developed an expertise about presenting and PowerPoint. Another area of expertise that I have is in Internet marketing. So that’s what I write and speak about.

But you can learn!

  • About a topic
  • How to write
  • How to speak
  • …and more

Are you struggling to find a model that works for you?

Have you invested in a “system” and been disappointed in the results? Maybe it wasn’t you. Maybe it wasn’t the right system for your skills and strengths.

Are you confused about how you should make money online?

If you wish, I have a 1-hour $197 consultation session during which we can work out the best online business model for your skills and situation. When you purchase this session, you’ll receive a link to set up a time at your convenience for us to talk.

Get a 1-hour consultation session here.

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READ LATER - Download this post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

    9 replies to "Which online business model is best? There’s no one right way!"

    • Fleur Mae Piccolo

      This is enlightening! I’ve attended several online programs promising me huge returns but none of them worked! I was starting to doubt myself. Maybe it was really me that was the problem. Maybe putting up an online business is not for me. I’m glad to read your insight on this.

    • Lourdes Combs

      What if I’m only a good writer but not so much a good speaker? Am I hopeless?

    • Miguel Chavez

      I also hate it when marketers say that their way is THE ONLY BEST WAY. I have yet to find the perfect business model that fits me but at least now I don’t feel so hopeless anymore.

    • Ellen Finkelstein

      Lourdes, that’s pretty much my situation but I speak anyway. I went through the Toastmasters program. I’ve done a lot of online speaking, using a printed out script (which I wrote, of course). When I speak, I edit the recording to get rid of long pauses, uhs, ums, etc. So, you’re not hopeless! Just go out and do it as best you can!

    • Ellen Finkelstein

      Fleur, an online business is not for everyone. But maybe you just needed some ongoing coaching. Or you didn’t persist enough. I can’t say without knowing more, but success is a combination of finding a business that fits your likes and skills and then you giving it all you’ve got!

    • Neal


      $197 for an hour is a lot of money to me. I believe I make $17.28 an hour. Of course, I’m grateful for it. And I get that each week for putting in a 40 hour a week. I just wrote a book. But not sure I’m ready for an online business at age 65. I can see the possibility, but I just don’t know what I have to sell. My book is a self-help book called You Can Choose Your Life: How to Live a Life You Love By Getting Out of Your Mental Prisons. And there are lots of questions, exercises, and practices in it. But I’m not sure how to monetize, if there is a market, and if I can. I’m not ready to go public–especially without. Maybe in a year when I retire. But I am intrigued by what you may be able to offer.

    • Ellen Finkelstein

      Neal, I don’t do 40 hours at that price, for sure! So it’s a different model — a product/service. Your book sounds wonderful and I’m sure there’s a market for it. A fairly easy way to start is to put it on Amazon as a Kindle book but you should have follow-up products and maybe services. That’s where you really start to have a business. You might be interested in Reach the Stars Club, which offers coaching on Fridays, lots of reports and worksheets, and a Facebook group where you can ask questions and share what you’re doing. Check it out at


      In my personal experience, Affiliate Marketing has been the way to go. It is one of the easiest to get started for people who are new to online business. Also, it’s very broad when it comes to finding the right kind of niche to get into. You can choose something you love and enjoy talking about. Making money off of a passion or interest is always easier.

    • Ellen Finkelstein

      How do you get your audience? Do you have your own list? Are you running ads? Finding an audience for affiliate marketing is one of the obstacles many people face.

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