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If you have a message to share with the world, you need to promote it. You want people to hear — or read — what you have to say. You can’t get around this — you have to promote widely.

This can be hard for certain people.

Maybe you don’t think of yourself as a marketer or don’t like promoting yourself or even your content.

You might be an introvert.

Yet you need to get your message out there.

You might have heard about the power of video to elicit a reaction. On social media, for example, there’s quite a bit of research about the value of video to get “likes” and shares.

Before I explain ways you can use video even if you aren’t comfortable with promotion, let me give you some statistics.

Why you should be using video


You might or might not like watching videos, especially when you’re trying to learn something. I myself prefer text because it’s easier for me to skim through, reread the important parts, and perhaps highlight certain sections. I have a colleague who refuses to buy courses that are video-based because they take longer to grow through.

But research shows that

  • Four times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.”
  •  “Using the word ‘video’ in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19% and clickthrough rates by 65%.”
  •  “Customers are nearly 50% more likely to read email newsletters that include links to video.”
  • “People comment more than 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos”
  • “Video content gets up to 10x more reach and engagement compared to links and images.”
  • “80 percent of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days.”

These statistics are from articles in Forbes Magazine, Hubspot, Animoto,  Facebook and Small Biz Trends.

It’s not only about the numbers. When you do business on the Internet, you’re removed from your potential customers and clients. Video lets these people see and get to know you.

But there are several ways to do video, so let’s talk about your options. Do you feel uncomfortable showing your face? Is it hard for you to speak a full sentence without pausing to think what you will say? I have solutions for you!

What types of video are there?

Let’s talk about the various types of video. You have choices.

First of all, video can be live or prerecorded. Live video, whether a webinar, webcam showing your face, or a demo will get more engagement. After all, your audience can ask you questions and you can ask them questions. Just the fact that people know you’re doing the video right now engenders engagement and interest.

Examples of live videos are Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and webinars.

Recorded video (and you should record almost any live video you create) has different advantages:

  • You can edit it
  • You can post it in multiple places

Examples of recorded videos are videos on a blog, website, YouTube, Vimeo, social media platforms, or other venues.

The next category is what you show in the video:

  • Your face
  • PowerPoint (slides)
  • Screencast
  • Animation

Another point is that video can involve just you, be an interview, or even include a panel of speakers.

You can use a variety of tools to create a video:online-business-why-video-3

  • Your smartphone
  • A webcam
  • A video camera
  • Online meeting/Webinar software, such as Zoom
  • Animation software:
  • PowerPoint
  • Video creation software: Examples are Animoto, Powtoon, and Lumen5
  • Screen capture software: Camtasia

How to create engaging video if you don’t like marketing

If you’re just starting with video,

  • Don’t be too formal–you can come across as informal and friendly, although it depends on your market
  • Retake until you’re satisfied–but don’t be too much of a perfectionist
  • Edit until you’re satisfied–but don’t be too much of a perfectionist
  • Start with something very short, like 1-2 minutes — even 30 seconds!
  • Write a script before you start–but feel free to go off it
  • Start simply with tools you have–later on you can buy more expensive software and equipment.

But don’t give up! Try, try, try again until you have something you can use. Then step out a little further and try another technique.

So what are you waiting for? If you aren’t doing video at all, start!

If you’re doing video a little, do some more!

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READ LATER - Download this post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

    7 replies to "Video: Why you need it to market your business"

    • Reen

      Thanks so much; it’s been educative but need more.

    • Ellen Finkelstein

      Reen, what else do you need?
      I recommend my e-book, How to Add Video to Your Website at

    • Reen

      Ok I’ll see if I can get one. I like the book very much but can’t afford it for now. Will wait a while.

    • Peter Peterson

      I’m an introverted kind of guy. But reading your post, maybe I can try the 30-second video and it doesn’t have to be my face in there all the time. Like you said, I can add powerpoint and other stuff. Thanks!

    • Ellen Finkelstein

      I often do 30 seconds of my face, go to PowerPoint for 1 minute or 2 and then return to my face for the last 15 seconds. Go for it!

    • Phil Seyer

      Would you suggest hiring a videographer or video editor or a raw video would suffice?

    • Ellen Finkelstein

      Phil, it depends.
      If you have a high-end product and have a lot of money, go for a videographer.
      I use Camtasia as my video editor and couldn’t function without it.
      If you want to be more “real,” then raw video or slightly edited video is fine.
      Good luck!

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