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Trends for online marketing in 2017 and beyond — 8 Comments

  1. It really is hard to be memorable to people nowadays especially with a lot of competition around. But like you said, being consistent with one’s posts (especially if those posts are useful and meaningful) is key to at least making sure that your audience does not forget you.

  2. How do you engage regularly when you also have a full-time job? Do I hire an assistant at this stage?

  3. Hiring an assistant is an excellent idea. I have a coaching client in that situation. She works full time, so she wants to hire an assistant to do most of the work. But she hired me as her coach so she knows what to tell her assistant to do. We do the strategy together. You’ll still have to do some work, but a good assistant can write, manage your website, send out emails, do social media posts, and a lot more.

  4. Thank you, Ellen. I’m now asking people in my network if they know someone who would like to work part-time as my assistant. I am looking at virtual assistant sites too. I hope it all works out.

  5. I’ve started using Facebook Live and I am amazed at the engagement. The only downside is that I can’t edit anymore since it’s live. It’s like watching Big Brother! Maybe that’s why people like it.

  6. Engaging your audience and using videos do make people want to buy more from you as long as your product / service is meaningful and useful for them.

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