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How are you going to compete with all the marketing noise out there?

As I’m sure you know, the Internet is a busy place. Think about all the social media notifications you get, for example. What makes one stand out over the others?

And then think about how you can be the one that people remember! Be the turquoise when everyone else is gray!

Have you ever signed up for a free online report, gotten on someone’s email list as a result, but when you starting getting emails, you had no idea who they were from? That happens to me quite a lot and I end up unsubscribing.

How can you be memorable?

I have a coaching client who teaches mortgage loan officers how to be memorable so they can get more leads and close more mortgage loans. She creates quirky images that are very memorable. And her techniques are designed to keep her customers “top of mind.”

Here are some trends for online marketing that will help you be memorable, leading to more engagement and more sales.

1. Engage regularly

Another of my clients told me that one thing he admires about me is my consistency. And you probably are in Facebook groups where you see the owner posting some type of engagement post every single day.

Yup, it works.

You don’t have to use a Facebook group and you don’t have to post every day, but blogging, sending out your newsletter, and posting on social media needs to be done regularly.

If you forget about your followers, they’ll forget about you!

[Tweet “If you forget about your followers, they’ll forget about you! Post and email regularly…”]

2. Create experiences

You can’t have failed to notice how engaging video is. If you aren’t using video, find a way that’s comfortable for you. I do webinars and record them. Here are some other ways:

  • Create videos with PowerPoint, Camtasia, your webinar service, or your webcam software
  • Use Facebook live or YouTube Live

The more ways you can engage via video, the better.

Guess what? 3D is coming to Windows Paint and PowerPoint in 2017! Watch Microsoft’s announcement here. (This is a 2-hour presentation and the 3D part starts at about 10 minutes in.)

You’ll see an increase of video ads (as if you don’t see enough of them already) and slowly, you’ll see the use of 3D.

3. Use the power of visual marketing

Visual marketing isn’t new because marketers have known for years about the power of images to persuade and engage. But the era of Death by PowerPoint is ending. Even your e-books and reports should be full of images. Consider linking to videos, too.

Find a source of legal images. Pixabay is great but when you want images of people, you’ll need to pay. I recommend StockUnlimited–it’s the best deal around and I use it every day.

Design should be an integral part of marketing and that’s not always easy, because most marketers aren’t designers. If you can’t hire a designer, watch for design trends and keep your opt-in pages, sales pages, and presentations clean and modern-looking. Over on my other main website, I have a blog post about modern design, focusing on presentations.

Branding is a combination of colors, your logo, design style, and your core message. Know what your branding is and use it systematically. It will definitely help people remember you!

4. Express your message clearly

There’s an expression, “A confused mind doesn’t buy.” You could also say that confused content isn’t remembered. Clear, powerful writing is always important to be memorable. Good content will never die.

We sometimes get so involved with our own products that we don’t realize we aren’t clear to others. It’s a good idea to ask for feedback.

Stories and inspiration are especially powerful so find ways to use them. Have a signature story that talks about how you came to where you are now — if it sets you apart, people will remember you.

How can you get started with memorable marketing?

Do a little memorable marketing exercise.

My schedule for engaging regularly via email and social media is ________________________________

My plan to create memorable experiences is ________________________________________________

My source for images is ________________________________________________________________

My branding includes __________________________________________________________________

My core message is ___________________________________________________________________

My signature story is __________________________________________________________________

Are you ready to stand out?

Sometimes, marketing can be a mindset thing. Does standing out make you uncomfortable? If so, you’ll procrastinate on all of your marketing — or you’ll just put out content that’s boring.

What are your plans? Leave a comment! And please share this post with others using the Share buttons because it could help them, too!


READ LATER - Download this post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

    8 replies to "Trends for online marketing in 2017 and beyond"

    • Chandler Cooper

      It really is hard to be memorable to people nowadays especially with a lot of competition around. But like you said, being consistent with one’s posts (especially if those posts are useful and meaningful) is key to at least making sure that your audience does not forget you.

    • Lola Meihr

      I like the exercise you shared. Doing it now and see how it goes. Thanks!

    • Felicia Morgan

      How do you engage regularly when you also have a full-time job? Do I hire an assistant at this stage?

    • Ellen Finkelstein

      Hiring an assistant is an excellent idea. I have a coaching client in that situation. She works full time, so she wants to hire an assistant to do most of the work. But she hired me as her coach so she knows what to tell her assistant to do. We do the strategy together. You’ll still have to do some work, but a good assistant can write, manage your website, send out emails, do social media posts, and a lot more.

    • Felicia Morgan

      Thank you, Ellen. I’m now asking people in my network if they know someone who would like to work part-time as my assistant. I am looking at virtual assistant sites too. I hope it all works out.

    • Christian Murphy

      I’ve started using Facebook Live and I am amazed at the engagement. The only downside is that I can’t edit anymore since it’s live. It’s like watching Big Brother! Maybe that’s why people like it.

    • Mark Gary Vincents

      Engaging your audience and using videos do make people want to buy more from you as long as your product / service is meaningful and useful for them.

    • Ellen Finkelstein

      Christian, live events are very powerful and I’m so glad you’re getting engagement! I do think you can download the video and edit it, then put it on your website. Here’s a YoutTube video on the topic — — but I haven’t tried it myself.

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