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Which tools do you need to build an online business? — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve always wondered what it is like to build an online business from scratch. Thank you for sharing the building blocks and a copy of your freebie. Big help!

  2. I’ve used 1ShoppingCart, e-junkie (ages ago), and Digital Access Pass (DAP) with their SmartPayCart.
    I decided I wanted something online (not a plug-in like DAP)
    A colleague uses it and likes it and I checked it out based on her recommendation. They have a great discount if you pay annually.
    They also have excellent service.
    They’re missing a bundle feature and the ability to offer a product for free — or turn it into an opt-in, but mostly I’m happy.
    Here’s my affiliate link, if you’re interested: http://ellenhelps.me/zaxaa

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