“I implemented the 5-day challenge and wanted to let you know how much I gained from it.​I probably gained more actionable ideas from this challenge than many I have signed up for in the past. This process moved me to productive action in record time for me. Thank you! I also appreciated the kind and patient way you responded to everyone’s personal challenges throughout the sessions.” — Vicki Peel

“One of the giants in the online business world

“I have been following, reading and signing up for both small purchases and free things from you for several years. I think that you have the kindest, most supportive approach and I really feel like you are my friend in this endeavor! While my own priorities (or choices, perhaps?) are not currently on building a business, I am always intrigued and encouraged by what you offer.

Please know that I think you are one of the giants in the online business world, besides being a collegial, transparent and inspirational person who cares that others succeed. Have a great week!”

—Sharon R. Jackson, PhD

She is in your corner

“Ellen is an amazing coach! She has so much insight into the online marketing world. She has helped me to launch an online program, helped me put together stellar presentations, and created a safe space for me to ask questions and grow my business.

When you work with Ellen, she can help you map out a plan of action, and the regular calls help you stay on track.

Ellen is the cheerleader you need when maybe things don’t go so well – she is in your corner, giving you sound advice based upon her many years of study, education, and knowledge.

You can’t go wrong when you work with Ellen. Thank you for the motivation!!”

—Carolyn Ortman, MBA

rick-miller-2Increased my conversation from an average
of 50% to 70%!

“As an Independent Financial Advisor, my business depends upon presenting financial concepts quickly, clearly and with visual power. Ellen worked with me to create a presentation that is unified, beautiful and incorporates people, symbols, charts and numbers (and some humor) in a way that is strikingly effective and pleasing to watch. Using this presentation increased my conversion from an average of 50% to 70%! IF you want the best, work with Ellen.”
—Rick Miller, Financial Advisor

margaret-ann-innis-1Helped me pull everything into a cohesive & dynamic extension of my business

“I reached out to Ellen to help me restructure my marketing & products.  I had all the pieces but they did not relate to each other.  Her analysis introduced me to several ways of successfully integrating my products and marketing. We were able to brainstorm about marketing via my website, email, social media and other venues.  Ellen’s insight has helped me pull everything into a cohesive & dynamic extension of my business. Working with Ellen was easy and enjoyable – wish I had done it sooner!  I highly recommend her!”
—Margaret Ann Innis, Decorate to Sell, DectoSell.com

Ron PricePerfect balance of skill, knowledge, and passion

“Every now and then you find someone with the perfect balance of skill, knowledge and passion for what they do. You find those qualities in Ellen Finkelstein. Her prowess in PowerPoint added greatly to my own knowledge and skill level, but her expertise in book writing has made a huge difference in my life. I have no qualms in recommending Ellen to any who want to grow their speaking, writing and/or presentation business.”
—Ron Price, www.productiveoutcomes.com

wendy fisherWonderfully kind and patient coach

“I’m getting a HUGE VALUE from our relationship. You are really a wonderfully kind and patient coach. Seriously. You are so straightforward and yet not pushy, just kindly helping.”
—Wendy Fisher, www.retirement-online.com/



sheila-finkelsteinAn excellent coach and mentor

“I am most appreciative of the work Ellen Finkelstein (no familial relationship) has done with me.  I am a creative person, always coming up with new business, as well as other ideas, and needed a coach who would help me filter, and get and stay focused, then be in action.  Ellen does just that, adding the element of acceptance for ‘imperfection,’ when I am down on myself for not doing ‘everything right.’

“She is an excellent coach and mentor, given her own success in business.  She is a great listener, gives good feedback and also makes great suggestions coming from what I’ve expressed. She is also most supportive in recommending and passing on to her larger community things that I’ve done which fit for her and others she knows. I highly recommend dialoguing with Ellen to check what fit there might be for you. With great gratitude, Ellen, for the contribution you have been in, and made to, my life, both business and personal.”
—Sheila Finkelstein, TreasureYourLifeNow.com

holly-genser-Career Website Photo

“Ellen is a cherished partner in my web-based business. She helped me set priorities and gave me clear directions. Her High Persuasion PowerPoint Program taught me how to create engaging presentations for marketing my business. She is always kind and generous in sharing her years of Internet business expertise. She answers my questions, believes in me, and helps me succeed. I highly recommend Ellen to anyone who wants to grow a thriving, ethical online business.”
— Holly Genser, Career Coach and Writer guiding sensitive, creative professionals to renew their enthusiasm, communicate their value, and get paid for work they love at www.HollyGenser.com


I can’t say enough about how much value I’ve been getting

“I can’t say enough about how much value I’ve been getting from being in Reach the Stars Club. I am starting a business based on a book I’ve written and thought I could do it all myself, but I quickly realized there is just too much to know. I wanted a coach who didn’t charge me an arm and a leg and who I could speak to live at least once or twice a month. In Reach the Stars Club, you can have a call with Ellen more than that. And Ellen knows a lot about starting and growing a business. There are a lot of coaches out there who will promise big things, and I’m sure many of them are good. But if you want someone who really listens to you, Ellen Finkelstein may be just the person you’re looking for. I have dealt with other “high power” coaches and they may be good for the short term but if you’re in it for the long term and want a coach to help you develop and grow your business step by step, I strongly recommend Ellen and membership in Reach the Stars Club.”
—N.G. Abramson, Author of You Can Choose Your Life

ruth-footeThe first time everything clicked

“I love your work. I became a fan after receiving your “13 Steps to Create a Successful Internet Business.” It was the first time everything clicked and I could understand everything clearly.
—Ruth Foote



JKoczela2013Just the first 2 weeks helped me breeze through the project

“This course has really helped me overcome my overwhelm around making PowerPoint presentations. I wanted to switch my email series to video. The information just in the first 2 weeks of this course has helped me breeze through the project so that I now have all 4 presentations done with great graphics and headlines and just need to do the audio. This is such a great way to create a teleclass/teleseminar, and the worksheets really make it so much easier to formulate a presentation. Thanks so much, Ellen, for making this easy and fun, not to mention making my series more persuasive!”
—Jeannette Koczela, www.EmpoweredSpiritCoaching.com

Came away with not only an expert knowledge, but also some great marketing training

Tina Scheiner

“Before I enrolled in Ellen Finkelstein’s High-Persuasion PowerPoint Presentation Program, I was a rank beginner with PowerPoint.  Ellen’s Program not only teaches the ins & outs of PowerPoint, she trains on the “High-Persuasion” methods for actually getting results from your presentations.

“I came away with not only an expert knowledge for creating great PowerPoint presentations, but also some great marketing training.  Thank you so much Ellen for creating this powerful course.”
—Tina Scheiner, the Savvy Business & Cash Flow Expert, RapidBusinessBuilding.com



Clydette photo 150 x 200 DSCF1010You will be delighted with the results

“Ellen has the remarkable gift and skill to teach people in a quick and simple way how to make slides that are clear and impactful. With Ellen’s expertise, your presentations will pop like never before.

“She shows you principles that can rapidly put into action… FAST and WITHOUT PAIN. I feel so blessed to have found this lovely, skilled, down-to-earth lady who has given me the tools to transform my boring presentations to be impactful in a very easy way.

“Ellen is like greased lightning when it comes to knowing exactly what to do to improve your message. Let her help you, too. You will be delighted with the results.”
—Clydette Clayton,  AtlantaLocalMarketingExperts.com

charles-demain-plus-logo-colour-smallWell worth the money

Extremely valuable. Thank you,  well worth the money.”
—Charles Demain, White Bull Marketing



If you are looking for guidance, then hire Ellen

penny“I met Ellen after participating in her webinar and receiving her follow up emails, so I called her! Ellen is a professional with a personable communication style that makes it simple and fun to learn about new technology and business building techniques. I enjoy and value her lessons on marketing systems for the online portion of my business and she packs a lot into each conversation. Ellen is kind and professional, creative and resourceful and she provides the accountability mechanisms I need to complete tasks. The best part of working with Ellen is that she is a valuable partner in growing my business. If you are looking for guidance on a steady, logical growth transformation to complement your business savvy, then hire Ellen.”
—Penny Pearl, Bear2Bullcoaching

You actually listen to me

“I love working with you because you actually listen to me. Believe it or not, I have had coaches who do not listen and I have some real horror stories, so thank you very much!”
—Eva Suzuki, Life Coach



She’s the real deal

Barb Mickelsen, Mortgage Loan Officer Lead Generation Coach






A pioneer in the online business world

“Ellen Finkelstein is the best-kept secret in online business coaching. A pioneer in the online business world, Ellen is a goldmine of both knowledge and experience. Whether it’s how to market your new business or how to create presentations that sing, she’s committed to high-quality content. She’s also an amazing resource when it comes to choosing the best tools for a tight budget. I’m always learning something new from her.”
—Deb Peretz, PhD, Owner, DebPeretz.com

We get through SO much in a short time!

‘My Business Mentoring sessions with Ellen are focused, friendly and fun. We get through SO much in a short time! Ellen has a real gift for cutting to the chase, in a way that I find super-motivating. I feel she is really on my side, I always feel boosted after my sessions with her, and leave the calls feeling eager to move forward, equipped with the ideas and information she has imparted from her large portfolio of knowledge. Thank you, Ellen!’
—Shân Rees, livingexcellently.co.uk