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Taming the ContentBeastie™–How do you keep up? — 6 Comments

  1. These are great tips and I’ve already begun to find myself re-purposing previous writing as new blogs, tweets, etc. I need to think through this some more on how I could use it more effectively. Your post helps – Thanks!

  2. Thanks – this gave me great ideas on another blog (21 tips) and also on how to create a pdf. What a nice give away. I just sat in on a twitter marketing class and they too said give something away. Someone else told me we are already giving away so much of what we offer as coaches with our blog.

    Thanks again – great stuff


  3. Carrie, I’m glad MamaRed’s post was useful for you. I’ve turned blog posts and webinars into e-books for a few years now.

    Dawn, PDFs are a great giveaway. IMO, everyone should have at least 1 giveaway; I have several — you can see them on my Freebies page (look in the menu).

  4. Hey there Carrie…there are an almost endless number of ways to repurpose those goodies of yours! Starting with small amounts is a great way to build a ContentKitchen full of ingredients that keep the word out about who you are and what you’re up to.

    Dawn…excellent ideas and sounds like you’ve got some good stuff coming!

    John…would love to hear about some of those ideas. Do Share!

  5. John, glad you liked it. Give MamaRed’s website a buzz — she has more ideas there! http://www.mamaredknight.com
    Dawn, you have to have a balance as to how much you give away and how much you keep for paying clients.But you have to give away something — a free download for subscribers and the content in your blog. The beauty of what MamaRed is saying is not only about saving time. You can take content on your blog and turn it into an e-book and people will pay for it because it’s useful material all in one place.

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