Interview with Alfred Poor: Better Online Presentations


Alfred Poor is an expert in helping speakers and companies create successful online events. His years of experience as a keynote speaker and event producer have led him to become a consultant for those who need to pivot to online communications yet don’t want to either waste time and money on expensive equipment or learn complex technical skills.

In this interview, Alfred explains who he helps and how he helps them. Plus, he gives a simple tip for looking better online when you’re presenting from a laptop.

We also had some fun with props and explaining why you can’t walk around when you’re presenting online.

Below the video, you’ll find a text summary of the interview.

Summary of Alfred’s interview

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by Ellen Finkelstein

These are the 4 models for online entrepreneurs


online-business-4-models-online-entrepreneursWhen people start an online business, they usually copy the model of a successful online entrepreneur they’ve been following. If they hire a coach, they use that coach’s model.

But over the years, I’ve noticed that there is more than one way to success online — and most people ignore that. In fact, even the top performers stick to what has made them successful and rarely try — or recommend something else.

But a different model might be better for you, depending on:

  • Your comfort with risk
  • The amount of money you have to invest
  • The type of daily schedule you want or need
  • Your niche and target market
  • Your comfort with selling
  • And more

I see lots of people stuff themselves into the wrong model. And I see others who could make more money if they added a different model — because you don’t have to stick to just one.

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Why aren’t you speaking? (Survey results)


why aren't you speaking-1I believe that you need to speak to get your message out to the world. Yes, you can write, but people get to know you better when you speak. And I’m a firm believer in speaking online because you can:

  • Reach more people
  • Save time and money
  • Grow your subscriber list faster
  • Easily partner with others who will promote you

But many people aren’t speaking. To find out why, I did a survey, asking people why they weren’t speaking. Some of the results were typical, but some surprised me!

When I asked, “Are you reaching enough people now?” almost everyone said, “No.”

Here are the results and my comments.

I hate hearing my voice

What? I’d never heard this before! I’ve heard, “I hate how I look” but not this. Here’s my take… Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein

9 tips to design presentations for webinars


powerpoint-tips-9-tips-design-presentations-webinars-1aI recently gave a presentation on this topic at the Presenters Network meeting in Manhattan and thought I’d share with you my points for how to design presentations for webinars.

By the word “design,” I mean both the visual design of the slides and the design of the content.

Webinars have many advantages over live presentations:

  • No travel (time or cost)
  • Greater reach (all over the world)
  • Easier follow-up
  • Availability of a recording

They also have some disadvantages:

  • Difficulty of keeping people from multitasking
  • Lack of engagement between the presenter and the audience

The points below address these disadvantages.

1. Use and design for the webcam

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Want to grow your list? Here’s why you might be doing it all wrong


Or, how I added 301 people to my list last

I just did a survey of my subscribers.

(If you didn’t take it, please do so here and then come back, because it’s a way for me to know what’s important to you. And you can ask questions and I might answer them in a blog post. I’ve already done that twice.)

In the survey I ask what’s important to you. Here are some of the results so far:

  • Grow my subscriber & social media lists: 70% say this is Very Important, the highest percentage of any of the options
  • Learn how to hold events (such as webinars): 46% say this is Very Important
  • Learn how to partner with others: 28% say this is Very Important,, the lowest percentage of any of the options

What’s wrong here?

What’s wrong is that events and partnerships are the best way to grow your list. So if you think that growing your list is important, then you should think that events and partnerships are just as important.

And if you don’t, that’s probably why you’re probably trying to do it all wrong.

It’s possible that the people who think list building is so important already know how to hold events and partner with others, my guess is that they just don’t realize how important those activities are.

How I added 301 people to my list last week

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by Ellen Finkelstein