Experts share their expertise on how to get more traffic to your website


online-business-challenge-crazy-stunt-trafficTraffic is a universal need for online entrepreneurs.

Without traffic, you can’t get subscribers or sales. It’s the foundation of an online business. In most cases, your efforts will focus on getting subscribers because it’s easier to get people who don’t know you to subscribe than to buy. After they subscribe, you can nurture the relationship and convert them to customers or clients.

But how do you attract the attention needed to get people to your website?

Below are blog posts from experts on the topic of traffic from many different points of view, niches, and target markets.

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by Ellen Finkelstein

How to use guest blogging to get traffic to your website


stockunlimited-fist-bump-agreement-1862783 You have amazing content. You’re on the right social media platforms. Your clients love your work and you have awesome products. But for some reason, you just can’t get the traction that you want.

If this is happening to you, it might be that you simply need more traffic. After all, if customers don’t know your product exists, then they can’t buy it. That’s where guest blogging can be helpful.

Guest blogging is a simple way to partner with another blogger to get traffic and build backlinks to your website. If you appear on a major blog, you could easily double or triple your traffic. More targeted traffic means more visitors discover your brand, join your mailing list, and buy your products. That’s a win for you!

The bloggers who host your post also benefit. They get unique content for their blogs. This saves them time and helps them fill in their content marketing calendar. Plus, they introduce someone new to the community, which boosts authority status.

With guest blogging, the audience wins, too. They get to read quality content from a trusted source with a slightly different perspective. They also find a new niche leader to follow and favorite.

Now that you understand how guest blogging is a triple win, it’s time to tackle a big question…

How do I get someone to publish my guest post?

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Get traffic by speaking on podcasts



Your whole business starts with reaching more people. That means one thing — getting people to your website.

Are you finding that people who come to your website without any other introduction generally don’t subscribe to your list or buy anything from you? That’s pretty typical because they don’t know enough about your or your business to make a purchasing decision.

Customers need to feel a connection with online business owners before they make a decision to buy. Blogging and content marketing are great ways to start building your relationship, but consumers want to know that you really care.

The benefit of being a podcast guest

That’s where speaking comes in. People can connect with you more fully when they hear you speak. Let’s talk about how you can bring people to your website by speaking on podcasts and other online venues. Podcasting is a great way to start for 2 reasons: Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein

How to know what search terms people are using to get to your website–and increase traffic


online-business-search-terms-1You should know what search terms (keywords) people are using to get to your website. When you know, you can write content that matches the search terms. While at one point you could get this from Google Analytics, that is now difficult to impossible.

For information on using Google Analytics, see this post on increasing engagement and this post on increasing traffic.

But there’s another solution!

Before I explain, why would you want to know? Because you can tweak your pages to increase the amount of clicks you get. That increases your traffic!

Why I wanted to know

At, I have a blog post that gets a huge amount of traffic. As in over 16,948 in the last 28 days. I didn’t do any SEO for it, so how did it happen? Sometimes, I think it just happened. But in truth, people asked me how to start a presentation, so I wrote a blog post. It’s called A good introduction/opener. As I’m writing this, it has 182 comments.

In fact, the title is pretty lame. It’s about starting a presentation, but “presentation” isn’t in the blog title. As it reads, it could be about starting a book! It could be about introducing another speaker! Way too vague. Yet this post gets more traffic than any other post on that website.

So I wanted to know why. What terms are people using to get to this post? And you should want to know what search terms people are using to get to your website!

The solution

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by Ellen Finkelstein

3 ways to increase visitor engagement


online-business-increase-visitor-engagement-with-video-1If you follow the instructions in this post, you’ll learn more than you expected to, including my surprise when I found out something I didn’t know that kept people reading through my blog posts. (Hint: I do it in this one.)

You want more traffic, but you also want to keep readers on your website as long as possible. The longer they stay, the more chance there is that they’ll subscribe or buy.

But engagement is worth more than that. The search engines look at how long your visitors stay and rank you accordingly in search results. That’s because they think viewers will want to go to websites that others spend more time on. So the longer your visitors stay, the more traffic you’ll get.

What can you do to keep people on your website?

Of course, you should make your content useful and interesting. But people skim through posts pretty quickly. Here are 3 things you can do to keep people longer on your website:

  1. Include internal links to other pages on your website
  2. Include videos
  3. The surprise I didn’t know about until I finished writing this post!

1. How internal links help your traffic

When you link to other blog posts or pages on your website, visitors who click through stay on your website longer. As I mentioned above, the search engines like this and reward you by ranking you higher in searches.

Secret tip: You can multiply this effect by linking to your most popular posts. This works because these pages have content that people are searching for and are interested in, so people are more likely to click on links to them.

In my post, “Increase your website traffic with this simple technique,” I explain how to discover which pages get the most traffic. (And, as you see, I’m adding an internal link.) That page is also one of my posts that have the longest view time. Why? It has a video. (Read on.)

Watch this video to learn how to increase traffic by finding posts with the longest time spent on them. Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein