Why aren’t you speaking? (Survey results)


why aren't you speaking-1I believe that you need to speak to get your message out to the world. Yes, you can write, but people get to know you better when you speak. And I’m a firm believer in speaking online because you can:

  • Reach more people
  • Save time and money
  • Grow your subscriber list faster
  • Easily partner with others who will promote you

But many people aren’t speaking. To find out why, I did a survey, asking people why they weren’t speaking. Some of the results were typical, but some surprised me!

When I asked, “Are you reaching enough people now?” almost everyone said, “No.”

Here are the results and my comments.

I hate hearing my voice

What? I’d never heard this before! I’ve heard, “I hate how I look” but not this. Here’s my take… Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein

An inspiring speaking story — from disses to raves


online-business-speaking-disses-to-raves-1Have you ever gotten really awful feedback from an audience or customer?

Everyone has, but it can be really hard to take. Speakers are especially sensitive to negative feedback, but speaking is an important skill for online marketers, who often give webinars. And many entrepreneurs give live talks as well.

How would you turn disses into raves?

I recently met Shirley Gutkowski online and was so inspired by her story that I asked if I could interview her. I think you’ll be inspired, too — and learn a lot as well!

Watch the 15-minute interview. (Note: Our online interview happened during a thunderstorm and my Internet went down twice. As a result, the video and audio aren’t always in sync, but just listen and you’ll get the full value of Shirley’s story.)

What did you get from this interview? Have you had a similar experience and how did you overcome it? Leave a comment!


by Ellen Finkelstein