Which tools do you need to build an online business?

Recently, a client of mine bought a product that she didn’t need. She didn’t need it because she already had a similar product, one that did the same thing. But she didn’t understand that and I realized that she wasn’t clear on the building blocks of her online business — what each piece was for. In her case, she bought a page builder when she already had one.

What are the major Building Blocks of an online business?

Building blocks An online business has what I call Building Blocks. The major ones are:
  1. Your website, with an optional “page builder”
  2. Your email service provider
  3. Your shopping cart with a merchant account and gateway to process credit card payments
  4. Your social media accounts — I won’t cover these in this post

Secondary tools might be a webinar service, a pop-up form creator, an appointment calendar, and any number of other possibilities.

Just like toy building blocks, you fit the pieces together to make a strong infrastructure for your online business. For example, you…

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Comparing shopping carts: e-junkie vs 1ShoppingCart


A while back, I wrote a post explaining why I used e-junkie as my shopping cart. And while I still think that e-junkie is a great place to start because of its combination of features and low price, I’m switching to 1ShoppingCart. (This link to 1ShoppingCart is an affiliate link.)


Because of the difference in the way the affiliate program works. After being an affiliate several times for other Internet marketers promoting courses and products, I saw how the process went. The marketer and I had a personal connection. The marketer gave me an affiliate link and some marketing materials. It was all handed to me on a silver platter, so to speak. I liked that and wanted to do the same for my affiliates.

How e-junkie handles affiliates

E-junkie has an affiliate application form, just like 1ShoppingCart. But when the form is completed, it sends the affiliate an email with a Transaction Code. The affiliate has to enter the Transaction Code to complete the process.

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by Ellen Finkelstein