Why you should write a script for your webinar


online-business-write-script-webinar-videoI just had a partnership meeting with a colleague and I gave her this tip. She thought it was such a great tip, that I realized I should share it with you.

Here it is.

When you do a webinar or record a video, you should write out a script for it.

Maybe it seems obvious to you, but many people wing it. This particular person wanted to create a video product and was thinking of transcribing it afterwards to repurpose it as a PDF.

I said, “Why not write a script in advance? Then you can use that script to create your PDF.” I do this a lot.

The benefits of writing a script in advance

Once you get in the habit of writing a script, you’ll never go back! There are so many advantages:

Lets you know timing: Have you ever attended a webinar where the presenter ran out of time and had to rush at the end? Or had to go overtime? Or have you watched a video that went on too long as the narrator wandered? You can avoid this by having a script, reading it out, and timing it. How can you know how long you’ll speak & how to pace your content if you don’t practice it first?

Helps you be more polished & successful: When you have a script you can use it to practice. Record your practice and listen to it. You’ll find something to edit. In this way, you improve your script. That will make your more successful. Also, as you practice, your delivery becomes more polished.

Provides a PDF that you can offer: After  you give the webinar or create the video, you can turn the script into a PDF. You can offer it for free, charge extra for it, or turn it into a stand-alone product.

Gives you the basis for an e-book: I sometimes convert webinars into e-books. I give my virtual assistant my script, which she pours into a Word template. She exports my PowerPoint slides to images and insert them as figures in the e-book. She watches the webinar recording to know exactly which slide image goes where. Presto–an e-book!


Can you think of more advantages of a script? How do you prepare for a webinar or video? Leave a comment!



by Ellen Finkelstein

How to repurpose a webinar into an e-book — and why


online-business-convert-webinar-ebook-1You can multiply how much you earn on any given product by turning it into a different type of product. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Some people prefer to read and others prefer to watch
  • Some people learn on the go in short bites; others like to sit down and take it all in at once
  • People have different price points that they’re willing to pay

You can’t accommodate everyone with any one type of product. For example, a video may not work for everyone.

That’s why you should repurpose your products

You can’t repurpose every product, but here are some ideas: Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein

Grow Your Online Business: Day 19 (Ultimate Blog Challenge) How to turn existing blog posts into a product


online-business-convert-blog-posts-ebook-1One of the easiest ways to create a product is to repurpose existing content, usually blog posts. Do you have a series of blog posts on a related topic? Perhaps your first 10 blog posts covered a broad spectrum of topics that would make a great e-book.

If you don’t have anything like that, create it! Create 5-10 draft blog posts and save them. You can name them as Part I, Part II, and so on. Give each a title on a separate but related topic. Eventually these will become chapters in your e-book.

And you know what? You don’t ever have to publish these blog posts1 You can use this technique as a non-threatening way to create your first e-book! Can you write a few blog posts? If you can, you can create an e-book!

What kind of product can you create?

The easiest is an e-book, but you could read your blog posts and turn them into an audio or video. You could ask a friend or colleague to ask you questions based on the content and create an interview — audio or video.

But an e-book is the easiest. You can write in in Microsoft Word or whichever word processing program you use. Then, you’ll export it as a PDF file. These days, it’s easy to convert a document to PDF.

Compile your content

Open your document and start copying and pasting.

Here are some other steps to take: Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein