Stay in touch with your list with less work


online-business-maintain-relationship-subscribers-1As an owner of an online business, you know you need to grow your list of subscribers. These are the people who have told you they want what you have to offer and they are your primary source of customers.

But if you don’t stay in touch with them regularly, you’ll lose them…

  • They’ll forget who you are
  • They’ll unsubscribe
  • They won’t learn to know, like, and trust you
  • And they certainly won’t buy from you

Maintaining a relationship with your audience is SO important, yet, like many online entrepreneurs, you might not manage it. Perhaps you’re focusing on creating a product, doing events, learning about online business and maybe even working full time. You’re busy! But being too busy to keep in touch with your best audience is not a good approach.

Do you know what batch processing is?

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by Ellen Finkelstein

You only need these 3 things for an online business yet many miss out


onlinep-business-3-things-online-business-needs-1An online business isn’t that complicated. You only need to accomplish 3 things, yet I see many people not able to keep up. Here are the 3 things you need — and I’ll explain each in more detail:

  1. An audience
  2. A relationship with your audience
  3. Offers to put in front of your audience


It doesn’t sound so hard, does it? But I see online entrepreneurs having problems with all 3 areas. This is important because if you miss the mark in any one area, you won’t have a thriving business.

Look for the links in each section, because I’ll give you resources to help you throughout.

Problem #1: Not building your audience

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by Ellen Finkelstein

13 Secrets to Relationship Marketing for Online Entrepreneurs


online-business-secrets-relationship-marketing-1You’ve probably heard that people buy from someone that they know, like, and trust. It makes sense, after all. Would you buy from someone that you don’t know, like or trust?

But if you’re an online entrepreneur, how do potential customers get to know, like, or trust you? They aren’t meeting you in person, so you need to create an online relationship.

Creating an online relationship would seem hard when you’re trying to attract a large number of customers. How do you have time to meet with people individually? The truth is that you often don’t. If you’re selling high-priced products or services, you may bring people to a 1-on-1 sales meeting, but many online sales are completed without that personal touch. People buy from a sales page on your website or a link in your email.

There are secrets to creating relationships with people online. If you master these, your sales will increase, sometimes dramatically.

In addition, some of the relationships you create will turn into partnerships. These partnerships can bring you many subscribers and customers at a time because people trust a recommendation from someone they trust. (And you can recommend their products to your subscribers in return — maybe even get a commission for doing so!)

Here — in no special order — are 13 secrets to creating relationships. Please leave a comment if you have a question, want to add a secret that has worked for you, or have a comment. Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein

These are the 4 models for online entrepreneurs


online-business-4-models-online-entrepreneursWhen people start an online business, they usually copy the model of a successful online entrepreneur they’ve been following. If they hire a coach, they use that coach’s model.

But over the years, I’ve noticed that there is more than one way to success online — and most people ignore that. In fact, even the top performers stick to what has made them successful and rarely try — or recommend something else.

But a different model might be better for you, depending on:

  • Your comfort with risk
  • The amount of money you have to invest
  • The type of daily schedule you want or need
  • Your niche and target market
  • Your comfort with selling
  • And more

I see lots of people stuff themselves into the wrong model. And I see others who could make more money if they added a different model — because you don’t have to stick to just one.

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by Ellen Finkelstein