4 reasons why consultants and coaches should create products and courses


online-business-consultants-coaches-products-courses-1Are you a consultant or coach providing services to individuals or companies? Or maybe you’re a…

  • Healthcare practitioner, such as a physician, chiropractor, massage therapist, yoga teacher, or dentist
  • Computer training or repair provider
  • Virtual assistant or other gig worker providing a service
  • Financial services provider (bookkeeper, accountant, financial advisor, etc.)
  • Plumber, electrician, or other repair or maintenance provider


Did you know that there are 3 reasons why you should complement your services with an online product or course?

We usually think of some businesses as service-based businesses and others as product-based businesses. Service-based businesses have clients. Product-based businesses have customers.

In this article, I’ll explain the 4 reasons why service-based businesses should create online products, including courses. Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein

How to overcome your reluctance to start creating and selling products – Interview with Barb Ling


barb ling headshotBarb Ling is an online authority building expert, a 21+ year innovator (she and I both started creating websites by hand-coding HTML), the author of a huge number of training packages, books, and publications on how to generate a thriving business online, and an all-around Marketing Innovator. I’ve bought and promoted a number of her products.

In this interview, she explains how to get over your reluctance to start creating and selling products.

Watch this video interview to learn her tips!

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Interview with Amy Harrop — Creating Products Quickly


amy-harrop-headshotIn this interview, Amy Harrop explains how she helps her customers create products fast using resources and tools that were, until fairly recently, not easily available.

Watch the 10-minute video interview to discover what you can do to bring in more income by creating more products. You’ll also get tips for reducing overwhelm and finally getting started.


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by Ellen Finkelstein

You only need these 3 things for an online business yet many miss out


onlinep-business-3-things-online-business-needs-1An online business isn’t that complicated. You only need to accomplish 3 things, yet I see many people not able to keep up. Here are the 3 things you need — and I’ll explain each in more detail:

  1. An audience
  2. A relationship with your audience
  3. Offers to put in front of your audience


It doesn’t sound so hard, does it? But I see online entrepreneurs having problems with all 3 areas. This is important because if you miss the mark in any one area, you won’t have a thriving business.

Look for the links in each section, because I’ll give you resources to help you throughout.

Problem #1: Not building your audience

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by Ellen Finkelstein

How to quickly create a product or freebie


online-business-create-products-quickly-1I get frustrated sometimes when my coaching clients create obstacles in the way of creating products that could start generating more income for them. Here are some of the things they say:

  • But then I have to write some copy
  • People won’t pay for that because it’s available for free elsewhere
  • I don’t have the time
  • I haven’t figured out yet what I want to sell

There are also other issues that get drawn into the mix:

  • I can’t link to a product in my book because I don’t have a product yet
  • I can’t link to my website because it isn’t ready yet
  • I can’t get my website ready because I don’t have anything to sell yet
  • I can’t email my list because my newsletter needs to be updated
  • I can’t email my list because I don’t have anything to sell

When you work online, you often have to find ways to work quickly, especially if you aren’t selling very expensive products. There’s a constant cycle of creation and promotion, creation and promotion. As you build up your business, you can develop more passive income, such as a membership program or affiliate income– but even then you need to be regularly creating new content or promoting regularly.

Of course, the solutions depend on the situation, but here are some suggestions if you aren’t getting products out there to sell: Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein