4 reasons why consultants and coaches should create products and courses


online-business-consultants-coaches-products-courses-1Are you a consultant or coach providing services to individuals or companies? Or maybe you’re a…

  • Healthcare practitioner, such as a physician, chiropractor, massage therapist, yoga teacher, or dentist
  • Computer training or repair provider
  • Virtual assistant or other gig worker providing a service
  • Financial services provider (bookkeeper, accountant, financial advisor, etc.)
  • Plumber, electrician, or other repair or maintenance provider


Did you know that there are 4 reasons why you should complement your services with an online product or course?

We usually think of some businesses as service-based businesses and others as product-based businesses. Service-based businesses have clients. Product-based businesses have customers.

In this article, I’ll explain the 4 reasons why service-based businesses should create online products, including courses.

1) Get more clients who are ready to work with youonline-business-4-reasons-consultants-coaches-products-coursses-2

You’ve certainly experienced the fact that not everyone who comes to your website or hears you speak signs up for your services. But maybe that person will sign up for something that’s free (a freebie) or buy a low-priced course that solves an urgent problem or even just provides some valuable information.

Not everyone is ready to buy. Many people need more information before they can make a decision or they may be ready to buy in a few weeks or months.

Meanwhile, you can subscribe these people to your email list and send them a free report, guide, checklist, or white paper. From there, you can upsell them to an e-book or a short course. What’s the value of these free or low-priced products and courses?

In this process, you educate potential clients as a bridge to your services.

The people who sign up

  • Become your subscribers so you can stay in touch with them and send them future offers
  • Get a taste of what you have to offer and appreciate your knowledge and expertise, so they’re more likely to invest in your services
  • Start to know, like, and trust you so they’ll feel comfortable making future investments with you


You get the opportunity to create a long-term relationship with them, staying top of mind. When they’re ready to buy, they’ll think of you. 

On the other hand, they may discover that your services aren’t what they need and that’s OK, too. 

2) Add a new stream of more passive incomeonline-business-3-reasons-consultants-coaches-products-courses-3

Providing services involves your time, especially if you’re doing 1-on-1 consulting, coaching, or other assistance to people. Often, that’s a LOT of time. 

But when you sell products, the income comes in without using up your time at the point of purchase or while people are consuming your content. Of course, you have to spend time creating products and there’s also some time involved to market them. 

But you create products once and sell them many times over.

A lot of your marketing can be automated or outsourced.

For this reason, income from products is considered more passive than income from services. This means you can make more money in less time. How does that sound?

This additional income is in addition to your service-based income and — as I explained above — can increase your service sales.

3) Even out income ups and downs4-reasons-consultants-coaches-products-courses-4

Many service-based businesses experience cycles of high and low income. This is especially true for coaches and consultants. It’s hard to market while you’re busy with clients, so you help your clients and then experience a drop in income when you’re done helping them. So you turn to marketing to get new clients, but that creates a gap until the new clients come in.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an ongoing stream of income to even out the income ups and downs? That’s what products and courses provide. 

4) Reach more people around the world4-reasons-consultants-coaches-products-courses-5

Most service-based businesses both market and deliver their services 1 to 1. For marketing, that might be networking, asking for referrals, etc. For delivery, that will be whatever service you provide — coaching, consulting, providing healthcare services, providing support/maintenance/repair services, etc.

With online products and courses, both marketing and delivery is 1 to many. You can market using a video, with ads, with partners, with webinars — the possibilities are endless. You can deliver by letting people download an e-book, a course, a worksheet, etc. The possibilities are endless for delivery, too!

When you don’t have to spend 1 on 1 time with people, you can actually help more people. And it’s easier to help people all around the world when time zone differences are not important. Your customers access your products and courses when convenient for them.

What’s the next step?


I have 3 resources that can help you with this process.

  1. Most months, I do a free webinar called Knowledge to Income Roadmap. You can click here to see the upcoming webinar and register for it.
  2. I have a self-study course, Create and Sell a Profitable Online Product that brings you through the steps to plan, build, and sell an information product or course. You can purchase it here.
  3. The first step in creating an online product or course is to outline it or create a table of contents. My Outline Your Knowledge guide will help you get this step done.


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by Ellen Finkelstein

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  1. An audience
  2. A relationship with your audience
  3. Offers to put in front of your audience


It doesn’t sound so hard, does it? But I see online entrepreneurs having problems with all 3 areas. This is important because if you miss the mark in any one area, you won’t have a thriving business.

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How to quickly create a product or freebie


online-business-create-products-quickly-1I get frustrated sometimes when my coaching clients create obstacles in the way of creating products that could start generating more income for them. Here are some of the things they say:

  • But then I have to write some copy
  • People won’t pay for that because it’s available for free elsewhere
  • I don’t have the time
  • I haven’t figured out yet what I want to sell

There are also other issues that get drawn into the mix:

  • I can’t link to a product in my book because I don’t have a product yet
  • I can’t link to my website because it isn’t ready yet
  • I can’t get my website ready because I don’t have anything to sell yet
  • I can’t email my list because my newsletter needs to be updated
  • I can’t email my list because I don’t have anything to sell

When you work online, you often have to find ways to work quickly, especially if you aren’t selling very expensive products. There’s a constant cycle of creation and promotion, creation and promotion. As you build up your business, you can develop more passive income, such as a membership program or affiliate income– but even then you need to be regularly creating new content or promoting regularly.

Of course, the solutions depend on the situation, but here are some suggestions if you aren’t getting products out there to sell: Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein