How to avoid Shiny Bright Object Syndrome


Again and again, I meet people who are spending all their time looking at offer after offer, plan after plan to make some money online, yet not sticking with anything. 

They attend several free webinars a week. They buy program after program. Someone recently told me he had spent $100,000, his entire life savings, on programs and still didn’t know what to do next.

On one hand, it’s nice that you’re an optimist, always believing that the offer in front of you or the new strategy you just heard about will be THE THING that will help you make money and meet your goals.

On the other hand, you never finish or implement any of the offers or strategies but just keep on going from one plan to the next.

Is this you?

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by Ellen Finkelstein

“I’m not ready to make money”–is that you?


online-business-im-not-readyAs a coach, I tend to push people into taking action so that they can succeed. Recently a friend (not a client) said to me, “I’m not ready.”

It’s hard for me to understand that sentiment, so I started to think about it — especially since I know others who say the same thing.

Coaches talk about the big WHY, which is usually something like having more time with your family, being able to travel, having enough money to give to others, and so on.

But some people don’t have a driving WHY. More specifically, they don’t NEED the money from their online business to survive. They may be retired and have a pension. Or they have a spouse that supports them.

This allows their fears to come to the fore. When you NEED the money, you blow past your fears and forge forward — because you have to.

Symptoms of “I’m not ready”

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Are you having a problem writing? Here are 5 solutions!


When you have an Internet-based business, you need to write. There’s no getting around it. You need to write:

  • internet-marketing-problems-writing-1Web page content
  • Blog posts
  • One or more free reports
  • Sales pages
  • Squeeze pages
  • Emails

Plus you may want to write:

  • Webinar scripts
  • Video scripts
  • Course scripts
  • Course handouts
  • E-books

That’s a lot of writing!

I’m a writer and I rarely have a problem writing. I’ve also noticed that most successful marketers find writing pretty easy.

But writing can be hard!

I’ve learned that my situation isn’t typical. Many people have difficulty writing, so if you’re in that boat, you aren’t alone!

Here are 5 reasons you may have difficulty writing: Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein