How to overcome your reluctance to start creating and selling products – Interview with Barb Ling


barb ling headshotBarb Ling is an online authority building expert, a 21+ year innovator (she and I both started creating websites by hand-coding HTML), the author of a huge number of training packages, books, and publications on how to generate a thriving business online, and an all-around Marketing Innovator. I’ve bought and promoted a number of her products.

In this interview, she explains how to get over your reluctance to start creating and selling products.

Watch this video interview to learn her tips!

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by Ellen Finkelstein

How to attain your goal–a 4-step process


online-business-attain-a-goal-4-step-processWe all have goals. Do you meet the goals you set?

As the end of the year comes closer, it’s time to think about goals. Did you meet your goals for this year? Are you planning for next year?

First of all,

  • Have you clearly defined your goals?
  • Do you believe in them?
  • Do you want them enough?

So first,  define your goals and make sure you believe in them and you really, really want them.

What is it you really want? It’s good to write this down, even if you think it’s impossible. Many people never achieve their goals because they think they’re too pie in the sky, too impossible. But you MUST KNOW what you want  in order to achieve it.

Now what?

To attain a goal, you need to take action. Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein