Comparing webinar services-Google Hangouts on Air, GoToWebinar, and Zoom-and why I chose Zoom


online-business-zoom-google-hoa-gotowebinar-1I’ve switched to Zoom! I’ve used GoToWebinar for many years but a friend (thanks, Sheila Finkelstein!) introduced me to Zoom. I tested it for several months and last week I took the plunge — I cancelled my GoToWebinar/Meeting account.


  • I was looking for ways to engage more with my audience. That meant more webcam/video
  • I wanted to reduce my cost (I was paying $99/month for GoToWebinar)
  • I wanted to be able to record the webcam portion of a webinar (GoToWebinar doesn’t)

I also considered Google+ Hangouts on Air along with Webinarjam, which is software that enhances Hangouts on Air to broadcasts give them more webinar-like features. Here’s my story of my experience with comparing webinar services–Google+ Hangouts on Air, GoToWebinar (including GoToMeeting), and Zoom.

Why I decided against Google+ Hangouts on Air (HOA)

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Grow Your Online Business: Day 21 (Ultimate Blog Challenge) Technology to use for creating passive income


hoa-screenshot-cropped210x121When it comes to creating products, you need to use tools for recording and editing video or audio files. Personally, I write so much about PowerPoint and graphics, that I stick with video so I can show readers what I’m talking about. For that reason, I rarely use audio files, except to insert them into video.

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by Ellen Finkelstein