Two ways to get clients and customers:
1-to-many vs 1-to-1


Many entrepreneurs are so focused on their current way of getting sales that they don’t realize there are alternatives. You can break down sales strategies into 2 broad categories: 1-to-1 and 1-to-many. By opening up new techniques for selling, you can increase your opportunities manyfold.

What does this mean?

Selling 1-to-1

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by Ellen Finkelstein

How to Create an Opt-in Page to Grow Your Subscriber List


online-business-create-optin-page-1Offering people in your target market a free product in return for their name and email is such a basic concept in online marketing, but many people struggle with the technology.

Yet without this free product, often called a freebie, you won’t be able to grow your subscriber list. And without the list, you won’t have people to sell to via email. Email marketing is the bedrock of online success.

In this post, I’m assuming that you have something to give away and just need to create an opt-in page where people can subscribe to get it.

Here’s a brief overview of the process. Note that the specifics will vary depending on your email service provider, page builder, etc.

Upload the freebie to an online storage location

In order to deliver your freebie, you need to give subscribers a link that lets them download it. Here are some options: Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein