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online-business-maintain-relationship-subscribers-1As an owner of an online business, you know you need to grow your list of subscribers. These are the people who have told you they want what you have to offer and they are your primary source of customers.

But if you don’t stay in touch with them regularly, you’ll lose them…

  • They’ll forget who you are
  • They’ll unsubscribe
  • They won’t learn to know, like, and trust you
  • And they certainly won’t buy from you

Maintaining a relationship with your audience is SO important, yet, like many online entrepreneurs, you might not manage it. Perhaps you’re focusing on creating a product, doing events, learning about online business and maybe even working full time. You’re busy! But being too busy to keep in touch with your best audience is not a good approach.

Do you know what batch processing is?

Batch processing is a way of getting work done that’s more efficient than doing each step one after another.

Let’s say you have a 3-step process of copying a name into a spreadsheet, researching the person’s online profile, and giving the person a ranking.

You could either…

  1. Copy the name into a spreadsheet
  2. Research the person
  3. Give the person a ranking

…and repeat that for each person.

OR you could…

  1. Copy all of the names into the spreadsheet
  2. Research each person
  3. Give each person a ranking

online-business-automate-relationship-audience-2That’s batch processing. You do all of the step 1’s, all of the step 2’s, then all of the step 3’s.


It’s more efficient. There’s less clicking from one place to the other. You get accustomed to each step and do it faster, and it’s easier to automate.

Easier for you!

Create 5 months of emails in one sitting!

What if you could use batch processing to create 5 months of emails in one sitting? Or close to it? You could maintain your engagement with your subscribers and not have to worry about getting out emails for a while.

This will involve some outsourcing, but it’s worth it.

Follow these steps:

1. Buy 10 Private Label Rights (PLR) blog posts related to your niche

See the Next Steps section below for some resources.

If you buy more than 10, choose the 10 you want to use.

2. Outsource the editing of the blog posts


Find someone to edit the blog posts for you. Fiverr or Upwork are great places to go. Ask the person to:

  • Add graphics
  • Change the titles
  • Add headings and format the text
  • Edit content so that it is at least 30% different

3. Add 1-2 sentences to personalize

When you get them back, add 1-2 sentences with your own opinion, experience, or story.

4. Schedule the posts to publish 1 every 2 weeks

Copy and paste the posts into WordPress if you didn’t ask your editor to do that. Make sure the spacing between paragraphs is right and that the images are in the right place and are the right size. (The Medium size option is usually good.)

5. Draft Emailsonline-business-automate-relationship-subscribers-4

Go to your email service and draft 10 short emails with the name of each blog post and a short introduction. You can use the first paragraph of the blog post as a starter. Leave people with a cliff hanger so they want to click.

Then insert the blog post link for the draft blog post.

You could outsource this as well if you do one as an example. But it shouldn’t take long to get this done.

Ideally, add evergreen offers (your own products plus affiliate offers), but if you can’t do that, just skip it. It’s always good to have a list of offers you can make at any time, but that’s a different project.

These emails should be short, as I said.

6. Schedule the emails to go out 1 day after each blog post

Just as you scheduled the blog posts, schedule the emails so that they go out right after each blog post is automatically published.

You’re done! You now have 5 months of emails to maintain a connection with your list.

How much time will you save?

You’ll save many hours using this system. I estimate that this process will take 2-4 hours of your time. More importantly, you’ll actually get the emails out. If you haven’t been emailing your subscribers regularly, please do this. See the next steps.

Next steps


The next step is to buy the PLR. Here are some resources for PLR (these are affiliate links):

Alice Seba

White Label Perks

Sharyn Shelden at Content Sparks

Piggy Makes Bank

Most of these have free options so you can check out their quality before you buy.

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READ LATER - Download this post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

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