Achieve Your Online Goals with
Action-Focused Tools & Coaching

Blast Through Obstacles to Get It Out of Your Head & Into the World

Do you have knowledge that you want to get out to the world, but...

  • You don’t know what to do next to reach more people and increase your income
  • You're struggling with the technology of an online business
  • You haven't been able to reach out to partners who can help you grow your reach
  • You're looking for a cost-effective way to get coaching from an experienced online entrepreneur

Reach the Stars Club Gold will give you the tools, knowledge, and support you need to reach the stars–your goals!

  • An ongoing membership program

    Bi-weekly reports for 2 years covering all aspects of online marketing so you’ll know exactly what to do to succeed, plus a related step-by-step worksheet to spur you to action and achievement.

  • A supportive 1-on-1 coaching program

     1-on-1 coaching on most Fridays, group coaching monthly, and Facebook Lives so you can get personalized guidance when you need it

  • A great community of fellow online business owners

    A private Facebook group where you’ll be part of a community of like-minded online business owners. I’ll be there to answer questions and help you break through any obstacles.

  • Free access to selected reports and products

    You’ll have free access to reports and e-books on various topics and live workshops that I give periodically. 

Mike Rohan

The reports are excellent.  I’m in the process of checking off items from the (Report 9 Worksheet: Review your website) this week. Thanks!

Mike Rohan
Clydette Clayton

I just want to tell you that you are extraordinarily clear, concise, and human. Your teaching techniques are exceptional.

Clydette Clayton
Holly Genser

Ellen is generous in sharing her years of Internet business expertise. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to grow a thriving, ethical online business.

Holly Genser
Shan Rees

Great calls! We covered so much! I feel enthused! I really appreciate you and your adaptability, encouragement and wide knowledge.

Shan Rees
Serena Crossfield

I left the session feeling more positive and action orientated than I have in awhile. I am in the process of writing up and expanding the quick notes that I took while on the call with you. I will be putting into action some of your suggestions for moving forward.

Serena Crossfield
Wendy Fisher,

I’m getting a HUGE VALUE from our relationship. You are really a wonderfully kind and patient coach. Seriously. You are so straightforward and yet not pushy, just kindly helping.

Wendy Fisher,

I can’t say enough about how much value I’ve been getting from being in Reach the Stars Club. I am starting a business based on a book I’ve written and thought I could do it all myself, but I quickly realized there is just too much to know. I wanted a coach who didn’t charge me an arm and a leg and who I could speak to live at least once or twice a month. When you’re in Reach the Stars Club, you can have a call with Ellen more than that. And Ellen knows a lot about starting and growing a business. I realize that there are a lot of coaches out there who will promise big things, and I’m sure many of them are good. But if you want someone who really listens to you, Ellen Finkelstein may be just the person you’re looking for. What I particularly like about the Reach the Stars Club is that you have access to Ellen not only over the phone, but also in her private Facebook group. I have dealt with other “high power” coaches and they may be good for the short term but if you’re in it for the long term and want a coach to help you develop and grow your business step by step, I strongly recommend Ellen and membership in Reach the Stars Club.

— N.G. Abramson, Author of You Can Choose Your Life

Thank you for all your help on our Zoom meeting today! So many good ideas for promoting my program. I’m inspired!

— Darlene Frank

Instant bonuses!

  • For beginners: "What Should I Do?" worksheet and "How to Choose a Domain Name"
  • 30+ resources you must have for an online business
  • Paul Evans on Purpose: This short audio tape will not only inspire you but give you a practical technique to get more done to achieve your goals.
  • Marketing Plan form so you can set goals and achieve them

Reach the Stars Club Gold (CtWM)

I am most appreciative of the work Ellen Finkelstein (no familial relationship) has done with me.  I needed a coach who would help me filter, and get and stay focused, then be in action. Ellen does just that, adding the element of acceptance for “imperfection,” when I am down on myself for not doing “everything right.” She is an excellent coach and mentor, given her own success in business.  She is a great listener, gives good feedback and also makes great suggestions coming from what I’ve expressed. I highly recommend dialoguing with Ellen to check what fit there might be for you.

– Sheila Finkelstein,