THANKS for your purchase of SociGraphics Gold! Before I let you go,
I have a question for you...

What's the ONE type of post that gets more attention than graphics?
If you answered VIDEO, you're right! Wouldn't you like to create VIDEO social media posts that are easy-peasy? Please check out this related product, SociGraphics Gold Animated!

Online entrepreneurs – authors, speakers, coaches, content creators – who want more visibility on social media WITH VIDEO!

Never Create Social Media VIDEOS
from Scratch Again!

Use these done-for-you, customizable animations to create quick videos and become SUPER visible online

I’ve been teaching people to use PowerPoint for over 20 years and then I started using PowerPoint to create graphics for my website and for social media posts. About 8 years ago, I started teaching online entrepreneurs how to use PowerPoint to create graphics and a couple of years ago I created my innovative course, PowerPoint for Marketing Graphics.

Yet people have requested “Done-For-You” animations that they could easily customize and turn into videos and so I created a set—and because I LOVE creating animations in PowerPoint, I’ve never had more fun creating a product!


SociGraphic Gold Animated!

Fully Customizable, Done-For-You
Social Media Animations for Video

Because the only thing better than an image on social media is VIDEO!

Later, I’ll explain how easy this product will make social media video for you and why you’ll never need to create videos from scratch again but first…

Because the only thing better than an image on social media is VIDEO!

There are SO many people competing for the attention of your ideal customers and clients!

I know I said that the BEST way to boost and maintain your visibility and get engagement is to post on social media daily with EYE-CATCHING graphics--but VIDEO is even better!

But creating the videos takes time. And you probably aren’t a videographer.

Outsourcing the videos takes LOTS of money, even if you use Fiverr or a VA from abroad—because you need so many. And creating your own with software like Animoto or Powtoon is always MUCH more time consuming that you expect.

SociGraphic Gold Animated solves these problems, EASILY!

You get pre-made animated graphics and all you do is change the text and the image and/or video. And the video instructions will show you how to do this in a few seconds!

It's GOLD because you can mine these animations again and again to create gold for your business.

I created SociGraphic Gold Animated because my clients and customers were frustrated getting the visibility they needed on social media. They told me that they wanted graphics and especially videos done for them but Fiverr didn't really work for them.

They said they loved the animations I turned into videos for my own business.

They asked, “How do you create your great videos?” and were surprised when I said I created them in PowerPoint. They wanted more visibility online without the hassle of creating video posts from scratch.

How about you?

Why You Need SociGraphic Gold Animated Now

Every minute that you aren’t out there...

making yourself and your offerings visible, your competitors are
engaging people with eye-popping videos, people are not coming to your website
inspiring people with your wisdom, they’re finding what they need elsewhere

What You’ll Get with SociGraphic Gold Animated

10 inspiring quote animations so that you can inspire your audience
10 engagement question animations so that you can stay top of mind
10 blog post animations so that you can promote your blog posts and other articles
10 website link animations so that you can lead people to your opt-in and sales pages
2 training videos—one for PC and one for Mac will show you how to customize these animations for your own video quotes, questions, blog posts, and links

Never create another social media video from scratch again!

Mine these for continual gold! Here are the 40 beautiful animations/videos you'll get... (6-minute video)

If you’re already posting on social media regularly, you’re fine. But if you aren’t, you’re losing visibility every day. Once you create a month’s worth of videos, you can schedule them in Facebook and be done!

You know that others are succeeding with this because you see them online every single day, right? Don’t miss this opportunity to make creating videos easy with these stunning animations!

Did you know that you can be sued if you use images or videos that you find by searching on search engines? The images in SociMedia Gold Animated include their source from public domain websites so you know they’re legal!

I said I’d explain how easy this product will make social media videos for you and why you’ll never need to create videos from scratch again. Here are the steps (the video tutorial shows you in detail):

1. Change the picture or video--I’ll show you how to get the perfect formatting
2. Change the text—I’ll show you how not to lose the formatting
3. Save a copy of the entire presentation, delete the slides you don't want and export as a video

My Promise to You

SociGraphic Gold Animated will give you an unending stream of videos that you can post online because it’s infinitely customizable. The video tutorial will show you how easy it is. If you create a month’s worth of posts and schedule them, you’ll vastly increase your online visibility, getting more likes, shares, and clicks!

When you come on board, your bonuses will be...

• 80+ Free or Low-Cost Image Sites so you’re never out of images
• The BARE System to Choose the Perfect Image for maximum impact and engagement

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you aren’t satisfied, let me know why within 30 days from purchase and we’ll refund your money.
There’s no risk to try this product and you have a LOT to gain.

You could get a month’s worth of videos on Fiverr and pay a LOT OF MONEY for them or pay a fraction for SociGraphic Gold Animated. And the videos you’d get on Fiverr wouldn’t be nearly as congruent, appropriate, and relevant to your business as the ones you create.

And one more thing!

I almost forgot – Send me up to 5 animations that you’ve created with SociGraphic Gold Animated within 30 days (the PowerPoint file) and I’ll review them and provide personalized instructions to improve them.

P.S. Yes, you can open the PowerPoint file in Google Slides, Keynote, and other PowerPoint alternatives, but the video instructions will not be as accurate for other programs.

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