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  1. Hi Ellen
    I did a review of such services a bit ago. Another thing to note is longevity. Some sites are designed for sharing. They offer lots of free space but delete the files after a time. mediafire.com would be an example. Sharing sites are also not known for privacy. If you’re using it as a backup, also not great.

    Dropbox is decent but is designed for online file sync. So it requires you install some local software. I prefer on demand. But setting up key files to save to Dropbox creates an automatic online backup.

    Different services also have different max files sizes. So if you want to store video, that number needs to be large. Usually you can use a paid upgrade for more space and larger files.

    Divshare had a notable feature that allows embedding web site content. So if your web site file storage is modest, that might help. (many local Internet providers include some free web space that can be used for this also)

    I ended up using Box, partly due to a promotion that gave me a large amount of space free and partly I’d seen it in action. No software is required plus it has a business orientation. A musician friend shares his music with Box. It includes the option to play it in a browser or download.

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