Coaches, speakers & entrepreneurs who want to reach more people and make more money

Reach more people, build your list & sell more products with webinars... ...without getting in over your head

  • Are you looking for sure-fire ways to reach more people and make more sales?
  • Have you considered (or even tried) offering webinars but the whole scene feels too overwhelming, expensive or fraught with technical snafus?
  • Are you ready to finally have a fun and easy way to attract more perfect clients, sell more of your products and start making some real money?
  • Are you ready to get out there and let the world know what you have to offer?

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Most 6- and 7-figure marketers are using webinars consistently

Because they know that...

  • Webinars are the best way to reach more people, make a greater impact and convert the mildly curious into paying customers
  • Webinars typically result in 5-10 times more sales than a written sales page
  • They also know that … they can repeat their results over and over again

You've likely attended several webinars yourself and wondered...
"How did they get so many people to attend?"
"How do they know what to say and when? "
"What's their secret for getting people to buy?"
Maybe you have already tried to do your own webinar but the technology freaked you out or you didn't really know how to craft your script...or your offer, and, in the end, you didn't get the results you wanted...

What If...

    • You could double or even triple your sales with webinars… without feeling overwhelmed or out of your league?
    • You had your own simple system that made it easy and profitable for you to offer webinars… even if speaking and technology scare you?
    • In the next 3 months you could attract more high caliber customers and take all your weekends off… because now you know how to offer webinars that sell?

    All of this and more is possible for you. I know, because it wasn’t that long ago that I was right where you are now…

    I still remember staring at the screen for my first webinar in fear and confusion. How could I speak to an invisible audience? I felt unnerved and uncertain. But I pushed forward, all the time wondering what they were thinking and if I was doing a good job.

    It took time but I became good at doing webinars. I figured out techniques to interact with the audience. I learned what kept their interest. And eventually, I learned how to convert, until I could make thousands in one webinar.

    Another thing happened. I started to LOVE doing webinars! The better I got, the more I enjoyed them and vice versa.

    And I developed a repeatable system that I want to share with you. It’s an amazing system that makes it easy, straightforward and cost-effective for entrepreneurs to create, deliver and profit from webinars…because webinars are SO crucial to your success and I really want to see you succeed.

    Here's an example of real results I got for my first major product launch...

    I've given over 200 webinars since 2007.

    I've been training presenters since 1995 – really!

    I’ve taught live training courses on webinars

    Read on and I'll give you some examples to inspire you. But the point is that I’ve used webinars myself to grow my lists by thousands of people and make thousands of dollars in sales.

    If you’re ready to get these kinds of high profit results, I can’t wait to share my secrets with you… in a way that’s easy, fun and affordable.

    With webinars, you will reach far more people than if you…

    • Speak in front of live people
    • Blog regularly
    • Spend hours on social media

    In fact, I believe that webinars, done right, are a miracle for getting your message out to the world AND making more money.

    Are you ready to profit with webinars?

    Then I'm thrilled to offer you a course that will solve your problem, get you out there and make webinars easy, affordable, and of course profitable for you.

    Profit with Webinars... a proven plug-n-play system that makes it easy, affordable and highly profitable for you to offer webinars that attract more clients, grow your list and add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

          Listen, there may be a wide variety of reasons you’re not offering webinars right now. Maybe the technology boggles your mind. Or you don’t know how to write a script that sells. Or you’d rather hide out in your office than be seen and heard in a big way.

          Or maybe you’ve already tried to host webinars and they bombed.

          Whatever the reason, I want you to know… Profit With Webinars will give you the tools, guidance, templates and confidence you need to craft, deliver and profit big time with webinars… and thoroughly enjoy the process as well!

    • Massively grow your email list
    • Expand your reach and impact more people with your message
    • Generate thousands of extra dollars on demand
    • Double your profits without doubling your work load
    • Boost your credibility and your visibility
    • Instantly create products you can sell and profit from forever

    Helpful AND encouraging!

    "This webinar series was very helpful. It showed me that it is not too complex, it can be done. The technical recommendations (equipment, schedule, outline, etc) were useful. Our homework exercises were helpful AND encouraging. I really liked the information on services and the script outline, especially for the offer. Ellen included lots of great tips as well!"
    —Fred Haley, ToastMentor

    You will be delighted with the results!

    "Ellen has the remarkable gift and skill to teach people in a quick and simple way. "She shows you principles that can rapidly put into action... FAST and WITHOUT PAIN. I feel so blessed to have found this lovely, skilled, down-to-earth lady who has given me the tools to transform my boring presentations to be impactful in a very easy way. "Ellen is like greased lightning when it comes to knowing exactly what to do to improve your message. Let her help you, too. You will be delighted with the results."
    —Clydette Clayton,

    6 Easy-to Follow Modules!

    Module 1: Grow Your List and Profits with Webinars

    • 4 webinar models that generate thousands in income monthly and why each one is so powerful
    • How to get oodles of practice by speaking for others (I'll  give you a list of resources to get you started.).
    • The simple but effective system to increase your traffic and massively grow your list with webinars.
    • How to get paid to deliver webinars while creating your own evergreen products at the same time (that’s how I created this course!)

    Module 2: Plan Your High-Persuasion Webinar

    • How to choose your webinar topic so you’ll attract your perfect ready-to-buy customers every time.
    • The one thing that will skyrocket your sign-ups and get a lot more people on the live event.
    • The 3-step process that makes buying your product an inevitable “yes!”
    • The secret to finding the right price for your offer. And yes, high-priced products sell on webinars!
    • The 2-part formula for getting affiliates to happily and enthusiastically promote your webinar.
    • Storytelling techniques that will have your audience spellbound and eager to buy from you

    Module 3: Prepare Your Successful Webinar

    • Script-writing how-to's that make your audience fall in love with your content and buy from you right away. (I'll give you a step-by-step template.)
    • A time-tested, proven and EASY method for quickly creating engaging, persuasive slides that convert. (SO many marketers ignore this!)
    • The Practice Formula that ensures your webinar rocks.
    • Your step-by-step promotional blueprint for maximum attendance and record sales.
    • The way to get people to buy BEFORE you end the webinar

    Module 4: Crush It on Webinar Day

    • Top tips for keeping your audience engaged and not checking their email – KEY for maximizing sales
    • Secrets for having fun!
    • Getting feedback from your participants—SO important for engagement, successful follow-up, and sales
    • Editing and posting the recording so people can easily make a purchase.
    • Turning your recording into an evergreen product for payback month after month!

    Module 5: Follow-Up for Maximum Results

    • What to say when you email registrants the recording link—hot tips for getting non-attendees to watch (they won’t buy if they don’t)
    • How to promote the recording to your full list
    • How to get affiliates to promote the recording
    • How to convert your recording into an evergreen product and sell it forever
    • Techniques for creating automated webinars that sell while you’re asleep

    Module 6: Master the Technology

    • How to choose a webinar service & practice with it--including a spreadsheet comparing the most commonly used webinar services
    • 2 ways to register people and how to choose the right method for you
    • Audio and video equipment tips
    • Why your webcam is your friend and will help you increase your sales


    This course includes membership in my private Profit with Webinars Facebook group where you can share your script, slides, strategy – every part of the webinar process. I’ll be there to guide you as will others who are also using webinars to make their business a success. You'll have access for as long as you want.


    • High-Persuasion PowerPoint Presentation Program so you can create compelling, persuasive slides for your webinar, a $197 value
    • PowerPoint for Marketing Graphics so you can create graphics for your slides, sales pages, and other promotional materials, a $197 value
    • Organizations that sponsor webinars – some of which pay you!
    • How to easily find places to speak online
    • The Ultimate Webinar Planning Worksheet
    • Sales Page Template plus video interview from my copywriter!
    • Write Your Story Worksheet
    • Sample promotional emails for you and your affiliates
    • Webinar directories where you can promote your webinars
    • The Ultimate Webinar Planning Worksheet
    • Step-by-step script template used by 7- and 8-figure marketers plus tips to make it comfortable and non-salesy
    • PowerPoint Cheat Sheet
    • 4 PowerPoint slide layouts that always look good!
    • List of webinar technical features you should use—and how
    • Top editing tips for your webinar recording
    • Email copy to promote the recording
    • List of webinar automation services
    • List of recommended microphones and webcams
    • 2 monitor techniques — even if you don't have 2 monitors!

    Imagine what will happen in your business if, after 6 weeks...

  have a webinar ready to go at any time whenever you needed some cash  have the nuts and bolts to attract perfect customers with your webinars have an easy way to build your list can grow your reputation and your credibility can easily create products you can sell time and time again

    Now I can teach students from all over the globe

    "I took Ellen's webinar course to create a way to have my students understand and participate in my Empowerment Process without my having to be present.  I had many years of experience teaching live in-house workshops and had never written or taught through a webinar format.

    Ellen is a master at explaining the steps to writing and executing a webinar. She gave lots of good tips and reviewed the script, explained how to create slides, and introduced me to ZOOM technology.  All were important learning curves for me. Now I can teach students from all over the globe in one place. I feel more confident that I can do that now.”
    —Janet Swartz,

    Risk Free Guarantee!

    My Guarantee: You'll complete the course in 6 weeks. If you don't find the course valuable, request a refund within 30 days and we'll give it to you, without a hassle – we only want happy customers!  There is no risk to you.

    I’ve made this course very complete because I want you to have everything you need to consistently make sales with webinars. And I want you to have the joy of sharing your valuable message with the world. I will personally guide you through the private Facebook group—answer your questions and give you my expert suggestions.

    If you are serious about attracting, expanding  your reach, and making a lot more sales with webinars, you need this information. Otherwise, you could waste a ton of time and money. And be deeply disappointed in your results.

    If you don't learn here, you'll need to learn somewhere. So take action now!

    So, are you ready to get out there and let the world know what you have to offer?

    And are you ready to profit from your knowledge?

    You could easily make back many times the cost of this course in your first webinar

    Profit with Webinars DONE-WITH-YOU Program

    This is for you if…

    • You want accountability to be sure you get your webinar completed successfully
    • You want zero doubt, stress or worry over whether you’re planning, promoting, and delivering your webinar in the best way possible
    • You want 1-on-1 support every step of the way

    The Profit with Webinars Done-with-You Program is:

    • A 1-on-1 mentoring program that gives you my personal guidance, support, and insider perspective you need to totally rock you next webinar
    • Gives you my personal review of your product offer, script, slides, promotions and emails
    • Includes a practice session with me so you feel comfortable with the technology

    Here’s what the Profit with Webinar Done-with-You Program includes:

    • 4 one-hour mentoring sessions (including your recorded practice session)
    • Review of your product, goals, script, slides, and promotional copy with detail suggestions (approximately 2 hours of my time)
    • Generous email support over the course of 3 months.

    You can start at any time in the next 6 months.

    Normally, my mentoring/consultation rate is $250/hour, so the real value is over $1,500 for the 6 hours with the email support. That makes $800 for this comprehensive program quite a deal!

    But more importantly… you’ll have the experience, skills and knowledge to create, deliver and profit from every webinar you offer… now and in the future. Your first successful webinar will pay for this 10x over.

    This offer may not be offered again, so jump on it now!

    This is completely customized personal time with you to get you to the best webinar possible!

    This product is temporarily unavailable

    Webinars done properly will give you the advantage you've been looking for!

    P.S. Webinars have been very good to me and I want them to be good to you. I promise that I'll give you the information you'll need to be successful.

    P.P.S. Here are the examples I promised you:

    In 2011, I organized a free webinar series with 7 speakers including me. Without too much effort, we got 3,000 registrants from 97 countries! This instantly catapulted me into an international authority.

    In 2013, I launched my course, High Persuasion PowerPoint Presentation Program. In one week, I gave 6 webinars, grew my list by 800 people (from partners) and sold over $10,000.

    In 2015, I did a webinar for Training Magazine Network that got over 2,000 registrations. (They begged me to stop promoting it because they had a seat limit of 1,000 and didn't want people to get shut out.) This opened up many new business opportunities for me.