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Partnering is one of the best ways to grow your list. In fact, anyone who tells you he/she grew a big list without partnering is probably lying. I once did some joint webinars and grew my list by 800 people in one week. It’s powerful!

online-business-partnering-for-beginners-1Going it alone is just not the way to succeed

If you’re scared of joint affiliate arrangements, don’t have any products yet and have a very small list, there are still some ways you can partner with others.

First, you need to create some relationships with colleagues who target a similar market but offer a somewhat different service or product from you. Get into LinkedIn groups where your colleagues might hangout, join some Facebook groups, look for marketing forums, and you’ll find people.

One of the best ways to find people is to go to a conference and meet people in person. But whatever you do, you need to follow up and keep trying — even if you’re ready, not everyone else is. Soon, you’ll find some people to work with. And the search never ends. Part of having a business is developing relationships.

2 quick partnering ideas you can implement tomorrow

Here are 2 quick and easy ways you can partner:

  • Guest blog posts: When you find someone to work with, suggest a guest blog post swap. Read the other person’s recent blog posts to get an idea of the type of content that would be valuable for that person’s readers. Be sure to suggest that you both promote the posts on social media and in your newsletters, if you have one. Set a due date for each of you and write your post. At the end of the post, put a link and an offer for your free download.
  • Cross recommendations: Sign up for each other’s free downloads. If you like the other person’s report, guide, video, or whatever, offer to promote it in your email newsletter — or on your blog. (An email will be more successful.) Then ask your partner to do the same.

The next step

Then move up to joint webinars. If you’ve never done a webinar, it might seem scary, but if you do one with someone else who is more experienced, that takes the scary out of it. And you’ll learn an important skill for the future.

What’s stopping you from partnering?

Let me know by leaving a comment. I’m here to help!

READ LATER - Download this post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

    3 replies to "Partnering for beginners"

    • Simon Ndlovu

      Its worth trying especially for an introvert business person like myself

    • Ellen Finkelstein

      Simon, I agree that introverts often do better partnering with a person 1-on-1 rather than, let’s say, speaking. In this way, your partner introduces you to her/her audience and it’s much easier than working with an audience who hasn’t been introduced to you. Good luck!

    • Faraday Fernandez

      I’m curious to know if this is still applicable until now? I’m a newbie and is partnering the best initial way to get my business going?

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