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When you get your message exactly right, your ideal clients & customers will be irresistibly attracted to your offer  

irresistible message workshop

They know what they want — when you use the right words,
they know you can give it to them

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Create Your Irresistible, Client-Attracting Message workshop and get YOUR message right!

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Wednesday 1/13 at 12 Noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern

Monday 1/18 at  12 Noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern

Friday 1/22 at  12 Noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern

Only 47!

Create Your Irresistible, Client-Attracting Message (CtWM)

3 sessions and a lifetime of irresistible attraction!

You Know It When Your Offers Don't Resonate

You hear…. NOTHING. The silence can be deafening.

Whether it’s an email, a sales page, or a social media post (or ad), you don’t get a response. 

Or very little.

You ask, "WHY?"

Some teaching here… you may be speaking to the wrong audience. But now do you attract the right one? 

By tailoring your message – also known as an elevator speech or tagline -- to exactly the people who want what you have to offer.

With a message that’s imprecise, vague, and not laser-focused, your potential audience is:

woman asking why

They aren’t convinced that you have the expertise or knowledge they need. 

So they simply click elsewhere.

During the “Create Your Irresistible, Client-Attracting Message” workshop,
you’ll finally get YOUR message right!

… then you’ll put it together in a short, clear intro message that defines your business

Finally, you’ll put it in 3 permanent places so that people see it again and again and again – besides using it in your talks, articles, and many other places.

In a bit, I’ll tell you the #1 mistake most online entrepreneurs make when describing their target market or ideal client but first… 

The secret behind why your message isn’t working

If you think about it, you know more than you think about messaging because you’ve been responding to messaging all your life. Early on, you responded to your parents and teachers and either believed or didn’t believe what they said.

As you grew, you went further afield and listened to commercials and your friends. Some messages resonated; others didn’t. Now, as an adult, you see messages all the time. Who hasn’t heard of “Just Do It!” (Nike) or “I’m lovin’ it” (MacDonalds)?

More relevant is the fact that you make decisions all the time to buy – or not. In fact, if you keep a file of expressions that worked for you and others that didn’t, you’ll learn a LOT.

BUT, YOUR experience isn’t the experience of your ideal clients. They aren’t you. So you need to get inside the mind of your target market.  What are THEY thinking and feeling?

THAT'S the secret behind why your message isn't working. 

You're not thinking in terms of  THEIR frustration. How THEY express it.

Of course, YOUR frustration is that people aren’t clicking.

In the “Create Your Irresistible, Client-Attracting Message” workshop, you’ll figure this all out

Now, there’s no magic wand for this. You may have to try out some variations. But once you find the right words, you WILL get results if you’re in front of the right audience.

If you use the right words, the right audience will come to you.

Ready to join us?

Create Your Irresistible, Client-Attracting Message (CtWM)

Why I Created This Workshop

I’ve been online since 1999 and I’ve grown my two lists to over 20,000 subscribers by using my message over and over. I’ve reworked my message as needed and helped my clients and others work on theirs. I’ve seen the difference between a confusing, vague message and one that is laser targeted to attract the right subscribers and buyers.

So I decided to make the process easy in a 3-session workshop so you can also attract more subscribers and buyers.

I've gathered together all of the resources I could find and used my own experience to make this the most valuable and important workshop for you.

Ellen Finkelstein

The Time Is Now and Seats Are Limited

This workshop may not be repeated and I’m limiting attendance so everyone gets personal attention. 

Your message is the foundation for your business and if you don’t have one – or yours isn’t working – then you’ll be working harder to get less results.

I don’t want you to continue on that way.

Why an Irresistible Message Is So Important

It’s all about your conversion rate. If you put up a page with an offer, and get 100 people to visit it, what happens?

Which do you want?

Imagine having a message statement for your website, social media accounts, and articles and having people contact YOU to ask for more information because they’re irresistibly attracted to your message…

How would that feel?


How the “Create Your Irresistible, Client-Attracting Message” workshop is structured

We’ll have 3 sessions:

Create Your Irresistible, Client-Attracting Message (CtWM)

Session 1

You’ll get a worksheet with a choice of powerful message formats and write your message draft

Session 2

You’ll get feedback and finalize your irresistible message

Session 3

Put your irresistible message in 3 places so people see it again and again

Each session will be recorded...

...but note that you’ll get MUCH more out of this workshop if you attend each session live.

A goldmine of both knowledge and experience

“A pioneer in the online business world, Ellen is a goldmine of both knowledge and experience. Whether it’s how to market your new business or how to create presentations that sing, she’s committed to high-quality content. She’s also an amazing resource when it comes to choosing the best tools for a tight budget. I’m always learning something new from her.”


Deb Peretz, PhD


I can’t guarantee specific financial results -- like your sales will double -- but I CAN and DO guarantee that you’ll get thorough, expert instruction and feedback for your message. If you follow the instructions, you’ll have it in 3 places by the end of the course – or know how to place it there.

If after the first session, you don’t think you’ve received great value, let me know and I’ll refund your purchase price.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a valuable tool that will be fundamental to your online success

This workshop will be hands-on so by the end, you’ll have a clear, powerful message that will attract your ideal clients and customers to what you have to offer. Creating this message is the foundation of a successful online business.


You need people to see your message, so I’m adding several bonuses to help you get traffic to your offers:

Reach More People by Speaking on Podcasts

You’ll use your message when you speak and this report will explain how to find podcasts who will host you – and how to use them to grow your list of subscribers

Daily Freebie Promotion Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is a valuable system for promoting your free offers. You can outsource it for a steady stream of new subscribers on autopilot. 

5 Ways to Multiply Your Business with Partnering

This guide will show you how to convince others to promote your free offers and products.

Double Your Reach

This easy-to-use worksheet will get your blog posts in front of more people than you ever thought possible 

10 Free and Unusual Ways to Grow Your List 

This report will show you ways to get more traffic to your free offers

Is It Worth the Cost?

The value of this workshop will support your business for years to come. And as your business changes over time, you’ll be able to use the skill you’ll learn over and over. At $47, this is a small investment with huge potential.

So, Let's Summarize!

The “Create Your Irresistible, Client-Attracting Message” workshop is 3 sessions all at 12 noon Pacific / 3 pm Eastern.

Before the first session, you’ll do some research by calling or videoconferencing with 5-10 existing and former clients and customers who represent your ideal target market. Each call will take about 5 minutes and will be fun! You’ll get a script to use and this will be a great opportunity to enrich your relationship with them.

Each session will be recorded so you can review the content

For the workshop and the 5 bonuses, you’ll pay $47.

irresistible message workshop

Ready to register?

Create Your Irresistible, Client-Attracting Message (CtWM)

I said I’d tell you the #1 mistake most online entrepreneurs make when describing their target market or ideal client

It's not doing any research, not asking people who are in your target market. They can be past or present clients or you can find them in groups on Facebook or LinkedIn.

They know who they are and how they describe themselves so listen to them!

I almost forgot!

For almost every course or workshop I offer, I like to include 3 months of email coaching to make sure you successfully implement the content and this one is no exception. For the 3 months after the workshop, you can email me once a day, Monday – Friday with one question related to your message and I’ll give you an answer. Just this bonus is worth more than a guarantee and more than any of the other bonuses!

P.S. Here’s what others have said about your message…

“I have found that an effective elevator pitch is nine things: concise, clear, compelling, credible, conceptual, concrete, consistent, customized, conversational.” - Chris O'Leary 

“You can’t push your sales messages on your fans too often.” - Andrea Vahl

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." – Albert Einstein

Yes, Ellen, I want to nail down my irresistible business message!

Only 47!

Create Your Irresistible, Client-Attracting Message (CtWM)

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