Partnership Opportunities

I love to partner with other online entrepreneurs. But are we right for each other?
Here are some results from previous partnerships and JVs I've done.

Interested in partnering with me? Contact me here!

Jeannette Koczela
Thriving Coach Business Giveaway

Adrienne Hill Summit Leaderboard

Tom Matzen/Iconmaker 2024 Podcast Directory

Screw the Commute Summit with Tom Antion and Ray Brehm

NAMS/David Perdew
December Deals in 2022

Laura Posey's
Plan to Win Launch

Danny Iny's
Hybrid Course University Launch

Nancy Juetten's
Bye Bye Boring
Bio eWorkbook

Tom Poland's
Marketing with Webinars workshop

Suzanne Evans's
Money Mountain Method

James Lam's 5 Transformations to Bring You and Your First $100K to Your Super Business
5-day challenge

Cindy Holbrook's Authority and Influence Leaderboard

Alina Vincent's Visibility Kickstarter Challenge

#2 for Danny Iny's Course Business Masterclass launch

#1 on The Confidence Giveaway from Mostafa Hosseini

2nd place Dennis Becker & Barb Ling Copywriting Product

2nd place David Perdew's 10 Funnels affiliate contest

1st Place for Mick McKay's "Let's Make Money" launch

3rd Place for Dennis Becker & Barb Ling's Simple Traffic Method

Top of leaderboard for David Perdew/NAMS Friday Flash Sale

#2 in signups for Tamara Monosoff's Author-to-Income Formula LIVE training

#6 for Barb Ling and Dennis Becker's leaderboard

1st in clicks and tied for sales in Gina Noel Decker's launch

#2 on David Perdew's Sales Total Leaderboard

Leads Content Winner for David Perdew-NAMS

#4 for Barb Ling and Dennis Becker-Buy Buttons Made Simple

#2 for Amy Harrop and Deb Drum Viral Motivation Minis

#4 in NAMS New Member Contest