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“It seems like people don’t want to spend money” — 7 Comments

  1. I can relate to your subscriber, Ellen. Sometimes I feel like giving up but I also know that there’s still a lot of improvement on my part that’s why I came across your blog post. Very helpful insights. I shall review your insights and thoughts and regroup. Hopefully, I get better at this as time goes by. Thanks!

  2. Thank you! I needed this affirmation that people do want to spend money! So now, it’s just a matter of creating a product that will solve my market’s problems so I won’t have a hard time selling it.

  3. Catherine, glad I was able to support you! But remember that it’s more than just creating a product that will solve your market’s problems. You need an irresistible offer and you need to engage with people so that you gain their trust. I wish you success!

  4. My wife says I have been a contrarian all my life (but how would she know, we have only been married 38 years)
    I have never found people NOT WANTING TO SPEND money on the things they understand how the “product” satisfies
    their need and they have a desire to fill that want.
    Of course sometimes they may not be ready to make the purchase immediately,
    but through careful listening and copious notes regarding the customer persona almost all end up getting what they want.
    Nice to be the person they know like and trust to purchase it from.
    Following up with a well designed system has helped keep closing ratios to 80%+ on all proposals made
    over the past, almost, 6 decades.
    Most difficulties salespersons (new and “seasoned”) seem to have is the inability to LISTEN, Question, and prepare rock solid solutions.

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