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Susan Friedmann works with non-fiction authors who want to find the right market for their message and want to go from undiscovered author to profitable recognized expert authority.

After the video is a condensed text version of her answers.

Who do you serve and who are your clients? 

My clients are non-fiction authors.  And those who are passionate about their books and subject matter, and are open to marketing their books differently.

What is their problem, their need, and what are the symptoms of that problem?  

People are putting their books on Amazon and social media, and waiting for sales to come in, and waiting for Oprah to come knocking about their books.  But there are 2 million books being published every year, so there is a lot of competition out there.  And the authors are not putting enough money or effort into the marketing of their books.  They don’t have real buyers, so you need to target the right people and find the right audience.

What are the common mistakes people make or obstacles they face when they’re trying to solve the problem on their own or with other solutions?

Not having a defined niche market, they need a target audience.  They believe they have a universal message, which is fine, but how are you going to market to everyone?  But not even the greats companies of the world, the Proctor and Gambles, market to everyone, they have their own niche markets.  Nike sells products for people that play tennis, golf, or soccer.

What is unique about your solution that helps people avoid those mistakes or overcome those obstacles so they can finally solve their problem? 

I am very big on defining your niche market, and really narrowing it down.  It is one of my hot spots, my zone of genius — being able to narrow down a niche market for yourself.  I published a book entitled Niches for Riches, how to make it big in a small market.  Which was an international bestseller.  But you need to think differently about marketing your book.  It is not necessarily about selling your book, but about selling you, selling your message, getting to the right people, at the right place at the right time.  And who needs what they have to offer.

How did you gain your own expertise, and how did you turn that into a business? 

For 25 years I was in the trade show industry.  And I asked someone, “How do I get seen as an unknown.?” He said to write a book.  You then become seen as an expert in your industry.  I went searching for a publisher, and there were not too many books on the Trade Show Industry, but I did find one publisher who liked my style and they took a chance.  And we ended up selling half a million copies to one company.  So 25 years later, I went from being an unknown to having written 18 books now.  I have self-published and traditionally published books.  I’ve now started my own publishing company, Aviva. We’ve published over 500 titles.

What’s one tip that people can use, one valuable free action that you can recommend that people can implement that will help them with their problem?  

How can people make multiple products out of one book; a training course, an e-book, a checklist, a tip sheet, membership sites.  There are templates you can sell.  There are umpteen product ideas authors can produce out of one book.  So if it doesn’t sell in one form, maybe it will sell in another.

What is one free valuable resource you can direct people that will further help them solve your problem? 

I would love to offer a complimentary 20-minute brainstorm session with Susan.  We will look at your book, your situation, how to define your niche.  And we will come up with a least 3 ideas from the session.  Visit

What’s the one question that I should have asked that would give great value to our audience?

Where is the best place to do your research?  Ask your clients or prospects. Ask on social media, like Facebook, and Linkedin.  What are your biggest challenges?  How are they phrasing what they need?  We often second guess ourselves, instead of asking what it is people need.

READ LATER - Download this post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

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    • Vee

      This piqued my interest: “How can people make multiple products out of one book; a training course, an e-book, a checklist, a tip sheet, membership sites.” Will visit and will try this route and see how it goes.

    • Fred

      True, it’s hard to sell to everyone. We really do need a specific target market. Thank you for this post!

    • Sally Good

      Ellen this is very timely for me. Such a great interview. Thanks so much

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