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Nkiru Asika is a marketing strategist, international speaker, workshop facilitator, and coach, based in Toronto and serving clients around the world. Her mission is to help female entrepreneurs build authority and visibility, so they can gain more recognition, earn more money, and impact the world with their work and ideas.

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Nkiru Asika

1. Who do you serve, who are your clients?

I serve female coaches, consultants, service providers whose business is about selling knowledge or expertise. They’re not new to business but fairly new online. They’re not comfortable marketing or branding themselves online.

2. What is their problem, their need and what are the symptoms of that problem?

The problem is that they feel invisible. They’re trying to do this online thing, creating social media, they’re posting but it’s crickets. They wonder if it’s a waste of their time. They don’t realize how similar their marketing is to others and you won’t stand out that way.

3. What are the common mistakes people make or obstacles they face when trying to solve that problem on their own?

The main mistake is not taking the time to figure out the foundation of their brand, who they are, who do they serve, what do they do, do they have a clear value proposition. Instead, they rush headlong into marketing or content creation.

4. What is unique about your solution that helps people avoid those mistakes or overcome those obstacles so they can finally solve their problem?

The approach that I take, in events, private coaching, or the Accelerator (our membership), is that authority comes first. Lean into who you are, your values. We need insights, perspective — that is what shows your expertise. We help people clarify their process — brand and package that so it’s unique.

I talk about the 5 pillars: memorable, credible, visible, profitable, and scalable. Don’t share what you had for breakfast — share your ideas, your insight.

5. What is one high-impact free action, such as a tip, that you recommend that the audience can implement that will help them solve that problem?

Take some time to sit down and reflect on you. You are the X factor in your business. If you haven’t figured out who you are or at least the you that you want to present — your mission, your vision, what you want to be known for.

6. What is one valuable free resource that you can direct people to that will further help with that problem?

This is a resource endorsed by Ellen! I’d love to share a guide called, “23 Quick and Easy Ways to Instantly Boost Your Brand Authority.” You can put these into effect in about an hour.

7. What’s the one question that I should have asked you that would give great value to our audience?

I’d love to share the most exciting thing happening in my life, my new membership and it’s called the Women Building Authority Accelerator. It’s an online community in which we support coaches, consultants, and service providers. We have experts who are doing “Ask Me Anything” sessions and I’m doing weekly coaching. We have people doing tech, copy, and speaking clinics. We also have done-for-you social media and email content. We also have promotional opportunities. We’re creating a magazine. It’s a platform for you to take off.

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Sign up for Nkiru’s free guide, the one that was so good, that I reached out to her. It’s 23 Quick and Easy Ways to Instantly Boost Your Brand Authority.”

Also, check out her accelerator membership here.

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READ LATER - Download this post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

    2 replies to "Interview with Nkiru Asika: How to Stand Out with Your Authority and Expertise"

    • Billy James

      “They’re trying to do this online thing, creating social media, they’re posting but it’s crickets.” – I can totally relate to this. Thank you for sharing. I’ll read that guide and hopefully it helps me get out of this rut.

    • Kristal

      This post reminds me to think about what my mission and vision are. I sometimes get off-track because of all the marketing I do. I need to get back to my core. Thank you.

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