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Interview with Meredith Eisenberg — Helping coaches make more money — 3 Comments

  1. We have an email list but we’ve never emailed them before because we’re too busy answering inquiries from our Facebook Page. But this blog post reminded me to message again those people who inquired about our training and products before but have not yet purchased anything. I did this a few months back when I still had more free time and it did bring a few extra thousand to our monthly income. This blog post is a good reminder to do that again. Thanks!

  2. this post reminded me about advertising on billboards like people won’t buy from you until they’ve seen your ad 23 times or something like that. People need to get reminded about you, your products or service so that you’d be on top of mind in case you offer something that can solve their pain points. And when it comes to emails, many don’t really open their emails but if they keep seeing you, especially if your subject line is interesting enough, then they will take the time to open it and see what you have to say or offer. So yeah, it is a good idea to email them again and again.

  3. An additional $20K per month is not so bad at all! Follow up it is then. Will try this. Thanks for the tip!

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