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Interview with Bob Burg: Using a predictable marketing system — 4 Comments

  1. Knowing who my target market is, is really a big challenge. Can you suggest any practical way for me to do so I can narrow down who my target market is? This has always been a challenge for me.

  2. Is it really better to go wider in terms of who your target market is? How about being more particular about your niche? From what I’ve read from other marketers, they recommend niching down. Thoughts?

  3. Hi Bob Gregory, there is a LOT that goes into your question and is beyond the scope of one comment. However, a few thoughts to get you started:

    1. The Marketing Bridge. Think of a specific niche, then ask yourself, do they need what I have to offer? Do they want what I have to offer? Can they afford what I have to offer?

    Note: depending upon your product/service, it may be either a need *or* a want. If your product/service is not a need then just skip over that part. However, if a need *is* involved then realize that need alone is still not enough. They must also want it (or be willing to accept that it’s important enough to embrace). If you have the first two covered, then they must still be able to afford it.

    2. If you pass the Marketing Bridge test, how much more specific can you get in who you serve? This helps you to niche down.

    3. Who do *you want* to serve? Is there a particular niche that fires you up; that the idea of working with them totally has you excited? That also helps in the niching process.

    Again, just a start. I hope you find it to be helpful!

    Best regards,


  4. Hi Mimi, indeed, all things being equal, it’s *much better* to niche. Please see my above response to Bob Gregory in terms of a few basic ideas for doing so. By and large, the more niched, the more profitable your business. And the cool thing is when you begin niched, the “widening” occurs naturally (though it can also be by design) over time. Thank you for your great question!

    Best regards,


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