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Barry Shore is here to show you how to live with joy and without stress. He had been studying joy for many years and then suddenly became a quadriplegic due to a rare disease. After months in the hospital and a long recovery, he is now a paraplegic and can function with some help.

Yet he never lost the joy of living. This interview will have you smiling, I can guarantee it.

How is this related to your business? Because Barry and I want your business to be a joy for you, not a burden.

Watch the video and you will feel happier!

1. Who do you serve, who are your clients?

The ideal people that come to us are people who are suffering from SAD: Stress, Anxiety, and some form of Depression. We have solutions to reduce and even eliminate harmful stress in people’s lives.

2. What is their problem, their need and what are the symptoms of that problem?

Stress sucks the very life out of people. It touches people in family, finances, and fitness (health). I am a mental health advocate. Mental health is the most important part of your makeup. There is deep pain and people want to be rid of the pain. The symptoms are stress, not sleeping well…

Meditation is very important. We have practical, simple tools to help people reduce and eliminate stress.

3. What are the common mistakes people make or obstacles they face when trying to solve that problem on their own?

In my book the Joy of Living, we articulate 11 techniques. Inner tension causes physical disability. The key to life is how we respond. The 6 most important words: Choice, not chance, determines your destiny.

On their own, people may choose inappropriate solutions, like overeating, drugs, etc.

One of our techniques is to be uncomfortable, like brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand. This requires you to be mindful and shift your perspective.

We teach reframing the art of living.

The most important word is SMILE: Seeing miracles in life every day.

4. What is unique about your solution that helps people avoid those mistakes or overcome those obstacles so they can finally solve their problem?

I’ll tell a story. Imagine standing up in the morning hale and hearty and that evening, being in the hospital totally and completely paralyzed, not from a car accident, not a spinal injury — that was me. A rare disease, which I’d never heard of the day before took over my body and rendered me a quadriplegic. Nothing in my body moved. 144 days in the hospital. [There’s more detail in the video.] Thank God, today, I’m able to be ambulatory with the help of a “walking wand,” but I still can’t walk up a step by myself and I need help 7 days a week.

But you hear my voice. Positive, purposeful, powerful, and pleasant because of this one word, SMILE, seeing miracles in life every day.

For decades before I became a quadriplegic and now a paraplegic, I was researching the ability for people to live in joy daily. And then I became paralyzed so I was able to articulate the 11 strategies for learning how to live in joy daily, no matter the situation.

And that became the Barry Shore Method. And it works. Thousands of people attest to it.

5. What is one high-impact free action, such as a tip, that you recommend that the audience can implement that will help them solve that problem?

I’m going to shock you! Learn to love DOG POOP! It stands for “Doing Of Good, Power Of One Person.” Consciously and conscientiously.

You are MAD = You “Make a Difference.”

6. What is one valuable free resource that you can direct people to that will further help with that problem?

(Barry asked me to give out this link: )

There you’ll get my newsletter with tidbits of goodness, transformative information.

And you can get my free mini-class.

And you can join the Joy of Living community. JOY=Journey Of You

7. What’s the one question that I should have asked you that would give great value to our audience?

You should have asked, “Come on, Barry Shore, what do you do when you have a bad day? Are you always this positive?” For all my life, I’ve never had a bad day. Is it possible to have a difficult hour or two? Yes, I’m human. But that doesn’t ruin your entire life or cause you to have a bad day. The beauty of the Barry Shore method is that you learn how to respond. Remember, “Choice not chance determines your destiny.”

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