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Discover a step-by-step, proven method for getting your Knowledge,  experience or expertise out to the world with a profitable online business

Hi there, and welcome to my Knowledge to Income Roadmap page. This page gives you a summary of the Knowledge to Income Roadmap program in the form of answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) so you can quickly get all the information you need to decide if the Roadmap is right for you.

I'm assuming that you have already watched my Knowledge to Income Roadmap Demo webinar or read a summary of it, but if not, continue reading below the FAQs to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Knowledge to Income Roadmap created for?

Knowledge to Income Roadmap was created for people who already have a body of Knowledge, expertise, or experience that they want to get out to the world in the context of a profitable online business.

People who get the most value out of Knowledge to Income Roadmap include, but are not limited to, educators, trainers, coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, and content creators.

It was NOT created for affiliate marketers or people whose knowledge is not teachable/transferable to others in an information product. An example would be energy healers.

What's the outcome of Knowledge to Income Roadmap?

You'll end up with a digital product you're proud of, one that can transform lives or help people in some way. You'll have a functioning online business, with a website, list of email subscribers, and a process for promoting and selling your product.

When will I start making money?

If you can commit approximately 4 hours a day to the program (including both the training AND the implementation), then you should be able to build your audience and create your product within 6 months. To be clear, Knowledge to Income Roadmap takes time and effort to implement. You'll be creating a rock-solid foundation, not a fly-by-night operation. If you can commit more time, you can get it done sooner. But if you need to go more slowly, you have up to 18 months access and support.

Think of it like a jet. It takes a lot of energy to get it off the ground but once it's up there, the pilot can turn on cruise mode and it takes much less energy to keep the jet flying. 

What am I putting into place that will allow me to sell my product?

A successful online business requires 3 components: 1) An audience, 2) A relationship with that audience (so they know, like and trust you), and 3) An offer -- that's your product.

The audience will come from the list of email subscribers that you will build. I have several quick ways to do that, but it isn't instant. You will grow your subscriber list by working with partners and you'll need to develop a relationship with both your partners and your subscribers. 

Finally, you'll create your product -- I have great shortcuts for creating a product quickly, too -- but you won't be able to do it in a weekend.


How does your "better than a guarantee" test drive offer work?

That's easy -- Enroll in Knowledge to Income Roadmap without paying a cent and test drive us for 30 days. You'll gain full access to all our training, resources, and support.

If for ANY reason ("I don't like the fonts you use") you want to cancel, simply email ellen@changetheworldmarketing.com and cancel. You won't have paid a cent and we'll thank you for trying us out. 

How does the Knowledge to Income Roadmap program itself work?

The program has 6 components but they all work together:

1. Weekly Video Training, live or pre-recorded--this is where you get the content

2. Weekly Support Session--this is when you can ask questions and get reviews of your work

3. Discussion Group--here you can ask questions 24/7 in our Learning Center as well as find partners to build your business

4. PDFs--these are transcripts of the training so you can review the videos for easier implementation

5. Resource Library--here you'll find worksheets, checklists, guides, templates, samples, and bonus courses

6. Accountability Partner--you'll work with a partner once a week to aid in keeping each other on track

How much support do I get?

The short answer is "more than you'll need." That's because Knowledge to Income Roadmap isn't a "Do It Yourself" program, it's a "Done with You" program. 

It's also not a training program; it's an implementation program. That's a BIG difference because while training programs can give you understanding, only implementation gets the Road built so you can travel on it and get to the end.

So in addition to the training videos, you'll be able to attend the live Weekly Support Sessions (small group Zoom meetings) to ask questions and have your progress reviewed. You'll also have exclusive access to our online Discussion Group in our Learning Center, where you can ask your questions 24/7.

Choose from 2 payment options

Knowledge to Income Roadmap

$1,997 one-time

Knowledge to Income Roadmap (CtWM)

379 x 6 ($2,274 total)

Knowledge to Income Roadmap (CtWM)

Payments start 30 days after enrollment because of our unique "Better than a guarantee" Test Drive

If you're reading this part, maybe you missed my monthly Demo event or you want a written recap, so please read on to find out what Knowledge to Income Roadmap is all about

Quick question...

Do you yearn to get your Knowledge, Experience, or Expertise out to the world so you can help more people?


you gave up because you didn't know what steps to take?!

you never made significant progress?!

you struggled with the Technology?!

you created programs but didn't know how to promote them?!

You're NOT Alone!

I know, I used to be there.

Every year, tens of thousands of knowledge experts attempt to take their brain to market and are unable to because they just don’t know the right steps. 

However, there IS a proven process that successful online entrepreneurs have used over and over and over.

Fortunately, I have taken their complicated process and made it simple.

This process guides you through the process of creating the 3 essential parts of a business:

An audience

A relationship with that audience

Offers that are valuable to that audience

You may have tried other incomplete programs or courses that didn’t include all 3 elements. You may have tried some of the elements but not known how to put them together. (You’ll never have to worry about that again.)

It isn’t rocket science either. You can do it with support and instruction throughout. 

I know because I’ve executed this process many, many times myself and taught my clients to do the same. I’ve grown my audience to over 20,000. I’ve consistently connected with them through emails, blog posts, and offers. Finally, I’ve sold products to 10s of thousands of people over the years.

Following my blueprint, my coaching clients have created free offers, taught courses, written e-books, held webinars and turned their knowledge into income.

Knowledgeable people like you come to me all the time and tell me they want a proven process to turn their transformative knowledge into an income


You'll LOVE my simple, step-by-step blueprint to get you knowledge out to the world with an online business that will both help people and result in income

knowledge to income blueprint


Knowledge to Income Roadmap

Knowledge to Income Blueprint will take you step by step from zero – or wherever you are now -- to your first sale. 

You’ll get all the knowledge, tools, and guidance you need. Just follow the steps to get results.

Later, I’ll give you some client stories so you can see how it works in various fields.

I created Knowledge to Income Blueprint because...

KtIR logo

...I saw all the obstacles brilliant people experienced

People like you  told me they wanted:

The World Needs Your Knowledge Now!

That’s why Knowledge to Income Blueprint is available now and why you should create your product or course now. 

In this information society, we’re overwhelmed by information, but you have knowledge that can lift people up and move them forward.

How long should the world wait? There are people out there who need what you have AND have the money to pay you. Some might be desperate. 

How the Knowledge to Income Blueprint Works

The Knowledge to Income Blueprint is a 6-month program but you can stretch it out to 18 months if you need to. It brings you from where you are now through making sales of your product.

It’s unique in that it requires you to build the foundation of a strong business. You don’t just create a course and hope people will come. You’ll have an audience, partners – everything you need.

You do 1 step per week. The steps  fit into 5 stages. 

The 5 Stages of an Online Knowledge Business

Stage 1: Results Capsule

Research and plan so that you know you have a business idea, model, and message that you can execute,  has a viable market, and will attract customers.

Stage 4: Audience

Set up a system to promote your free offer and create a relationship with your subscribers.  

Stage 2: Building Blocks

Set up your website, social media accounts, email service provider, shopping cart, and blog to give you the technical structure you need for your business, as well as to showcase your expertise and opinions so you can attract visitors and gain authority.  

Stage 5: Launch!

Create your product, build your sales page, develop relationships with partners who will promote your product, and and launch your product!

Stage 3: Irresistible Offer

Create a free offer with an opt-in form that adds people to your email list. 

What's so beautiful about this roadmap is that...

…it gives you the foundation for creating and selling products over and over. For example, you can create a higher-priced product and sell that with the same partners you worked with before. Or just continue to create new products.

It’s a proven system, handed to you in a systematic way.

The course is structured to cover all your needs

Are You Ready and Determined to Move Forward?

If you have tried everything else and not gotten results, I understand that you’re frustrated and discouraged. Some of my clients spent thousands over the years and had nothing to show for it. Even programs that cost more than this one fail to deliver because they don’t offer all the pieces of the puzzle or don’t offer enough support.

You have to decide how much you want to get your knowledge out to the world

In fact, if you aren’t following the program, I reserve the right to “let you go” and refund your cost for the time left.

This program IS for people who are committed –- it will give you everything you need to go from zero to your first sale.

I told you I'd give you some examples!

Neal Abramson created his website, wrote his free offer, and then launched his first product, which he has now started to sell. 

Carolyn Ortman created a webinar to promote her course, making her first sales. 

Dr. Alice Cash created  2 free offers for 2 target markets, has done 2 webinars, and sold her online app 

"Better than a Guarantee" Text Drive

Remember that you go through 1 month of this program without paying and then decide if it’s for you. I don’t want you to be in the program if you aren’t keeping up with the assignments – yes, you have to complete tasks to make progress!

Try it out for a month and if it isn’t for you, just ask and I'll cancel the first payment.

Knowledge to Income Blueprint is a 360° course, giving you what you need when you need it. 

Here's a detailed summary of what you'll get ...

Knowledge to Income Roadmap course with weekly lessons, weekly group coaching/review, accountability partner, private discussion group, resource library & PDFs of all lessons


BONUS: 1-on-1 Business and Technology Assessment with 1-on-1 "Where to Start" strategy session


BONUS: Templates, checklists, swipe files, and workbooks


BONUS: 1-on 1 in-depth review of your course content, marketing message, and sales page


BONUS: Lifetime access and 1-on-1 support from me until you have your 1st 2 sales




You get ALL this for Only

Knowledge to Income Roadmap

$1,997 one-time

Knowledge to Income Roadmap (CtWM)

379 x 6 ($2,274 total)

Knowledge to Income Roadmap (CtWM)

Are you Ready? Start Now! I'd love to welcome you to the Knowledge to Income Roadmap

Once you sign up, you’ll land on a welcome page with instructions. You’ll also receive an email with log-in information.

If you never met with me and would like to talk, you can make an appointment here.

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