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How to structure a blog post — 7 Comments

  1. I’ve always been a diarist. I blog to share my life. But at the same time, I want to blog to share what I know that can help others and eventually learn from it. But then I only have one blog. And I want to incorporate personal blogging with my intended business. Is that possible? Or do I need to create a whole new blog that just deals with the business side of things?

  2. I’ve only started blogging a few months ago. I’ve been having a hard time thinking of topics that fall under my intended niche. Thanks for the guidelines here, I think they will help me narrow them down.

  3. I’ve been thinking about going back to blogging for a while now. I just don’t know where to start. I think your tips help. But shouldn’t I first narrow down who my target market is? Is niche blogging still very much effective these days?

  4. Yes, you should identify your target market. I was writing this assuming people had an online business that they wanted to promote and finding your target market is pretty much step #1 for that. Blogging is a type of content marketing for a business, which has a target market, a problem that those people have, and a solution to that problem. Blogging educates people about the problem and your solution.

  5. Krisha, that’s a great question. If your intended market won’t be interested in your personal blogging, I recommend keeping them separate. Lots of people have more than one blog. You could easily turn people off by blogging about your gardening or exercising if your business is about selling products. On the other hand, if your business is about health, gardening and exercise are relevant. Your personal stories are great to blog about IF they are relevant to your business readers.

  6. Excellent information. I think everyone should read this post Ellen wrote and learn from it. But…yes, the dreaded “but.” But you have want to SHARE and provide value–and not just because it will help your business. You have to want to share because you have something you have to share that you think can be valuable to your audience. Otherwise, in my book, you’re not being a “mensch.” Ellen will know what I mean. But if you do not, google it. But even if you’re willing not to be a “mensch,” you still have to believe you have something to say that your audience wants to hear.

  7. Mensch= a person of integrity and honor. (from the Yiddish)
    Right, Neal and thanks! And the 4-part structure ensures that it’s good for both your business and for your reader.

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