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You can’t get customers or clients unless people know about you. Visibility is a crucial part of being successful online. But not just any visibility. In this interview, Visibility Wiz Cindy J. Holbrook explains why you need to be visible to people who want what you have to offer and gives 3 tips to get you there.

You’ll also learn how to approach influencers to partner with you — she recently created an online summit with 40 top influencers. (I was one of them, speaking on getting visibility through webinars.)

Watch this 20-minute interview to learn how to increase YOUR visibility! Then pick up her “5 Secrets to Get Noticed Online” here.

Do you have questions about how to be more visible online? What has worked for you? Leave a comment! And please share with others who want to learn about becoming more visible, too!

READ LATER - Download this post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

    2 replies to "How to get more visible online–interview with Visibility Wiz Cindy J. Holbrook"

    • Chris Jenkins

      Is there such a thing as too much visibility? Will people get annoyed at you if you’re always online marketing stuff?

    • Ellen Finkelstein

      Chris, there’s no such thing as too much visibility, but you shouldn’t always be marketing stuff. Decide what you want to promote and spend 2-3 weeks just educating people about it with visual posts and inspirational quotes. Ask people questions about the topic and answer them. Then promote for a few days. So that way, it’s at least 2:1 education to promotion.

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