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How to create evergreen content that brings in income for years — 8 Comments

  1. This is really very insightful! I think I have a couple of evergreen content on my blog, but I think I need to write more.

  2. You’re right! The posts I have that seem dated don’t get visited as often as the evergreen ones.

  3. Great tips on repurposing evergreen content. I will apply this to my own autoresponders and emails. Thanks!

  4. Bill, autoresponders especially should be evergreen because they’re sent out automatically when someone subscribes or buys and that could be any time. But broadcast emails should be more time-based and relevant to the day they’re sent. Also check on your blog posts and products — that’s where evergreen content is so very important.

  5. Philip,
    Yes, and I think there are 2 reasons:
    1) evergreen posts get visited over many years so they rack up more visits
    2) evergreen posts are seen as more authoritative because they’re about principles rather than specific tactics

  6. Hmmm… I need to check my posts if there are enough number of evergreen content there. Coz if it’s mostly related to current events, if I don’t post any more, then no one would come visit anymore. Thanks.

  7. Because of this post, I am more mindful now of the content I produce for my clients and myself. It’s true that they do bring in more income and opportunities. Thank you.

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