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How to choose a domain name — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for this informative article, Ellen! Choosing a domain name is a toughie. You need something that reflects well on your business, isn’t already taken (or can be purchased for a reasonable fee), is easy to remember, and has SEO qualities. Also, just like your company name, you don’t want something that’s easily mixed up with another brand (if possible). I like how you provided examples. I have another domain name, NewsletterGal.com, which was great when I was just 1 lady, but it limited my business to one person and one product (newsletters). You mentioned this type of problem in your table comparing different domain names. I kept the old domain name, but Web Marketing Star is way better for offering lots of different Internet Marketing Services.

  2. Lee, great additional points! I think that your experience with newslettergal.com is common–people start a website and then grow or change and the name doesn’t represent what they do anymore.

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