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Grow Your Online Business: Day 1 (Ultimate Blog Challenge) — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Ellen
    Your 30- day course sounds very interesting so I will be coming back on a regular basis to catch up with your daily posts.
    Good luck with the challenge.
    Great to connect with you!
    Have a great day

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  3. Ellen, I’ve just had a look at the blog challenge and it sounds like a great idea. I like that there are 4 each year – keeps us on our toes.

    I look forward to following your updates.

  4. Kay, there are 4 per year? Just this one is driving me crazy — way too much for me, but I’m doing it because I want the extra traffic, because I committed to it, and because I’ll be able to repurpose the content into a course. But the level of comments have been disappointing, and I don’t think I’ll do it again.

  5. Exactly! Repurpose the content into a course! Anything that motivates us towards product creation is worth it!

    I have joined the challenge but since it is school holidays I can’t get as involved as I would like to but I will with future ones.

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