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Discover why I’m calling April 1st April Geniuses Day! This is day 1 of my Ultimate Blog Challenge and it’s the start of a free 30-day course called Grow Your Online Business. Watch the video to find out all about it!


Here’s the text of the video:

Hi, I’m Ellen Finkelstein and today is, well, I’m going to call it April Geniuses  Day. That’s because today I’m starting a blog challenge and will be giving you a 30-day course in creating and growing an online business. Yes, every day you’ll get another lesson in the course — and all for free! Although I WILL invite you to participate in various ways.

I want to thank the people at who set up this blog challenge and if you aren’t signed up, I encourage you to do so.

I’ve divided the course into 4 topics, one for each week. The 1st week is Make Your Website Rock! I’ll explain what your website needs to include on the home page, tell you which is the most important page of your website,  what makes a great website, give you 5 quick sources for blog post ideas, and more.

The 2nd week is Reach the World and it’s all about growing your list. This is SO important for your success. I’ll talk about strategy and technology and cover both email subscribers and social media followers.

We haven’t talked about making money yet, so the 3rd week is all about Creating and Selling Products. I’ll show you how to create products quickly and how to sell them.

In week 4, I’m going to stretch you to really grow fast with Partnerships and Events. All successful marketers partner with others and use events to bring in the crowds. I’ll talk about no-money partnerships and affiliate partnerships. Then I’ll talk about events such as webinars and multi-speaker summits. I once grew my list by 3,000 people with a multi-speaker event, so I know how powerful this can be. I’ll explain to you how to plan and deliver your first one.

Please tell your friends and colleagues about this series and get involved! It could be the springboard you’re looking for! Come to and I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter if you aren’t already subscribed. I’ll be back tomorrow and I hope you’ll join me

What do you want to learn? Leave a comment!

READ LATER - Download this post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

    5 replies to "Grow Your Online Business: Day 1 (Ultimate Blog Challenge)"

    • Pauline

      Hi Ellen
      Your 30- day course sounds very interesting so I will be coming back on a regular basis to catch up with your daily posts.
      Good luck with the challenge.
      Great to connect with you!
      Have a great day

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    • Kay

      Ellen, I’ve just had a look at the blog challenge and it sounds like a great idea. I like that there are 4 each year – keeps us on our toes.

      I look forward to following your updates.

    • Ellen Finkelstein

      Kay, there are 4 per year? Just this one is driving me crazy — way too much for me, but I’m doing it because I want the extra traffic, because I committed to it, and because I’ll be able to repurpose the content into a course. But the level of comments have been disappointing, and I don’t think I’ll do it again.

    • Kay

      Exactly! Repurpose the content into a course! Anything that motivates us towards product creation is worth it!

      I have joined the challenge but since it is school holidays I can’t get as involved as I would like to but I will with future ones.

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