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Great background information about starting a website and blog — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks! Let me know if there is some specific content that people in your aunitedworld.net network can use.
    I’m thinking of creating a webinar that shows people how to create a WordPress website from scratch. Would that be valuable to people? It seems that many more people could create websites if they just knew how — and many people find the technology daunting. What do you think?

  2. I’d say it’s a great idea. From what I’ve seen, people face 3 hurdles in getting their message on the net:

    1) the technology hurdle: how to do it. Or how to pay someone to do it.

    2) The content hurdle: there are lots of blogs with one post out there. Some people hire someone to build a site, then stall out when it comes to creating content. There is the fear of screwing up, not being good enough, whatever. You should actually plan your site and start preparing content beforehand. That’s a good test to see if you’re ready, before you launch the site.

    3) the market hurdle: I’ve seen people spend thousands on a web site, then just leave it there, like everyone else on the Internet will find it magically and share their excitement. That’s where this site comes in, Ellen. 😉

    I quite agree that a WordPress-based web site is the way to go for most everyone. I even switched from web sites I built myself to WordPress to simplify maintenance and improve search engine rankings. (it worked very well) If you have the patience to just learn a few simple things, you can get a site up and running. Posting is much like webmail. Tweaking the layout and adding plugins can happen over time, as you explore more. And there is lots of online help.

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