Get Everything Done!

How to organize and get more done in less time without being overwhelmed

The sad fact is that most people waste at least 1-3 hours per day.

In a recent webinar, I asked how many people had started their day reading email, clicked links to social media — and by the end of the day, that’s all they had done — email and social media. And 40% of the attendees said yes!

Is this you?

  • By the end of the day, you haven’t finished your work — so you stay up late or go to bed feeling anxious.
  • You start numerous tasks during the day without finishing many of them (Symptom: When you close down your computer you have umpteen tabs open in your browser.)
  • You forget appointments or follow-up calls because you’re juggling so many things at once.
  • Your email is overwhelming you.
  • And perhaps the worst part of it is that you’re missing precious time with family and friends and just not getting enough time to have fun.

You aren’t alone. But I have good news for you!

Fortunately, there’s a solution and it’s called Get Everything Done!

I’ve struggled myself with overworking. (I’m overly conscientious and my mind never stops coming up with new ideas for ways to advance my business.) So I’ve searched for the best tools and techniques to manage my time.

Get Everything Done! is a video course that gives you the following:

  1. The surprising secret to success in life
  2. Inexpensive ways to outsource — so you can do what you’re good at instead of EVERYTHING
  3. Specific steps to tame your email — so you have less of it and get through it more quickly
  4. Realistic responses to requests to work for nothing — so you don’t waste time on people who won’t pay you
  5. Techniques for stepping back — so you can organize your time more efficiently
  6. Guidelines for deciding what to do next — so you get the important stuff done
  7. Online tools recommendations for organizing tasks and your calendar — so you stay organized!
  8. And much, much more!

You could finish your work early!

Here’s what resolving your disorganization and time-management problems means in your life and business. It means you can:

  • You can finally be comfortable that enough money is coming in every day without struggling for it
  • The flexibility to do what you want when you want, travel if you’d like, even donate money to your favorite charity without feeling a pinch in your heart

Now you can get more done in less time without feeling overwhelmed when you take the Get Everything Done! course.

What Others Are Saying

This is absolutely fantastic —
thank you so much for the really good advice.

Shaun Humphries

Thanks for your advice & insights!  Very helpful!

Mike Rohan

Job Transition Strategist For Military & Defense Professionals
President of Rohan Business Group

Yes, Ellen, that’s me! I’m working too hard and not getting enough done.

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