Online entrepreneurs who want to build an audience for their products and services!

Email is the foundation of an online business. A list of subscribers lets you:

Build trust over time
Connect with people who have the problem you can solve
Avoid losing track of people who connect with you and don’t buy right away
Make offers

Partner with like-minded online entrepreneurs so you can earn affiliate commissions and have them promote you back

Is a Small List Holding You Back?

Learn how to grow your list, whether you’re just starting out or more experienced.

I’ve grown 2 lists to 10K and 13K and these subscribers help my business prosper. But I saw many online entrepreneurs struggle to grow their list, so I created...

Email Edge: Growing a High-Converting Subscriber List –
for Beginners and Advanced Users

It’s actually 2 courses:

If you’re just starting out and don’t have a free offer yet, take the Beginners course
If you already have your free offer, take the Advanced course

And YES, you can go through both!

There are 21 lessons in each course and you can do them at your own pace. You can take your time or treat it like a challenge.


1-hour video: List-Building Principles

Ebook: “10 Free and Unusual Ways to Grow Your List"