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You Too Can Get Others to Promote You, Just Like the Top Marketers!

Multiply Your Business with Partnering  

Are you struggling to sell your products and services by yourself and getting only a few people to buy?

It doesn't have to be like that. It SHOULDN'T be like that!

Multiply Your Business Now!

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Partnering is how successful online entrepreneurs grow their business. You can do it, too, even though you might have tried and failed to find the right partners. Or been hesitant to reach out at all.

I remember how hard it was for me to grow my list and sales before I started to partner. And I saw how my coaching clients struggled to get people to buy their courses and even sign up for their free offer.

online-business-create-logo-product-image-1I also saw that most other partnering programs were limited to "affiliate marketing," which is only one piece of the puzzle.

"Multiply Your Business with Partnering" is a self-study course that will multiply your business! You’ll learn all you need to know about partnering and get started right away.

This is SO much more than information and training! It's a self-study course, which means you'll be implementing what you learn as you go.

With this unique self-study course, you'll come away with...

  • Your first or next partnership at least partially implemented
  • A network of other participants to find partners
  • Secrets of top guest experts: Connie Ragen Green, Quynh Ho, Karon Thackston & David Perdew
  • Templates, worksheets and swipe files to make partnering easy
  • Most importantly, a new business model that supercharges all of your efforts by multiple factors because of the efforts of your partners

You'll learn how to...

  • Find partners so you can stop struggling to reach new people all by yourself
  • Generate new subscribers and customers – perfect for people whose lists are small
  • Create a buzz around your products without being hypey and without hounding your subscribers over and over
  • Build a list of fans and customers who really appreciate what you have to offer

Here are some of the more advanced topics we'll cover...

  • How to excite affiliates with prizes, a leaderboard, and a JV page
  • Advanced affiliate techniques such as how to use bonuses, bridge pages and stories to sell more
  • How to organize an email promotional campaign like a pro, including prescheduling, sending to unopens, and emailing more than once a day
  • A review of various affiliate programs and online platforms so you can find the technology that works for you
  • How to find places to speak online
  • The exact steps to set up a giveaway, the easiest and fastest way to add BIG numbers to your list, including how to track the results of your contributors

Here are the session topics and teachers!

Session 1: Writing guest blog posts with copywriter and blogging expert Karon Thackston
Session 2: Finding ideal partners with entrepreneur expert Connie Ragen Green
Session 3: Doing your first freebie share with online technology and strategy expert Ellen Finkelstein
Session 4: Ways to partner, preparing, getting “partner ready” with JV Insider Club partnering expert Quynh Vo
Session 5: Affiliate marketing with affiliate marketing expert David Perdew
Session 6: Giveaways and bundles with wrap-up "what's next" planning Ellen Finkelstein

Each module will give you action steps so you can implement what you learn. By the end of the course, you should have done your first partnership.

In a minute, I'll tell you everything you'll get from this course, but first...

Why learn from me?

In addition to our outside experts, you'll be learning from me.

I'm Ellen Finkelstein and I've been working online since 1999 and have used all of the partnering techniques we'll cover.  My business' growth is mainly due to partnering, so I'm passionate about the results you can get with it.

Here are some of the results I've gotten--and I want to show you how you can get similar results.

  • $10K and 1,000 new subscribers in 4 weeks by affiliate marketing with a webinar; 54 new people for one of my membership programs and 800 new subscribers the same way
  • Speakers Giveaway: 1100 people signed up, 900 new subscribers with 15 contributors
  • Monthly Giveaway: 2-300 new subscribers each month (317 just this past month)
  • 3rd-party webinar: Getting 1-300 people on my list each time (and reaching 2-3000 people)
  • I recently promoted someone’s freebie and 74 people signed up – all new subscribers for her
  • I promoted a freebie for a colleague and 324 people signed up – all new subscribers for her


Q: How much time is required?
A: 6 hours for the course, but partnering is an ongoing process and you’ll want to implement it into every aspect of your business. 

Q: Do I need any extra for this to work?
A: Partnering doesn’t cost anything, although if you don’t have an affiliate system in your current shopping cart or membership, I'll recommend some options that are a one-time cost.

Q: What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?
A: 3 months of email support, Monday-Friday, 1 email each day

Q: I’ve studied affiliate marketing before. Is this the same thing?
A: This goes way beyond affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing will be one of the 5 methods I cover.

Q: Is everything available immediately?
A: No, it’s a 3-week, 6-session self-study course. You'll learn and implement as you go along.

Q: How long can I keep it for?
A: You’ll have permanent access to the recordings, worksheets, templates and swipe files.

What's included in "Multiply Your Business with Partnering?"

You Get...


"Multiply Your Business with Partnering" self-study course


Checklist: “5 steps to create a relationship with a new partner”


Worksheet: Researching and finding the right partners


PDF of all my slides — it will be like a textbook!


Template: JV Meeting — so you don't leave anything out


Template: Initial JV meeting — what to ask and how to word it


Planner/journal/calendar: Track your JV meetings, inquiries, and follow-up


Promotional calendar: Plan when you promote who and when you’re being promoted


Personalized technology assessment: Tell me your shopping cart, email service, and website platform and I’ll recommend an affiliate program


"LIttle Black Book" — List of PLR providers and other people to promote


Swipe files: For contacting potential partners, from Facebook friends 1st contact to asking if they’re interested to suggesting a meeting


Giveaway blueprint so you can organize your own giveaway


Telesummit blueprint so you can organize your own telesummit (webinar summit)


Email course: Follow-up emails to add to and complement the course


BONUS! 3 months of personal email support


BONUS! 1-on-1 30-minute partnership strategy and planning session after you finish the course




Are you ready to multiply your business?

Are you ready to stop struggling to sell and start letting others bring you customers and clients? To tell you the truth, it makes me sad to see entrepreneurs struggle for so long on their own.

One partnership could bring you 1,000 subscribers or 50 new members for your membership program. Or $10K in sales. And those are just examples from our experience.

We’ll give you the techniques, tools, and steps you need to make this work for your business.

You KNOW that partnering works. You’ve seen emails from successful online entrepreneurs promoting the freebies and products of others. You’ve seen telesummits and giveaways. You’ve seen podcasts and wondered how you could speak on them. (Hint: Most podcast producers are actively seeking guests.)

Why do they do this? Successful entrepreneurs know they can MULTPLY their results with partnering. Otherwise they wouldn’t bother.

You can make this happen in your business, too!