All businesses need an annual marketing plan

Did you know that you're 33% more likely to accomplish your goals when you write them down?

But are you thinking one of these thoughts?

  • I’m not really trying to sell; I’m trying to educate. (Wake up!)
  • I’m too small for a marketing plan. (Do you want to get larger?)

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Without an annual marketing plan, you'll get lost in irrelevant projects that don't lead to increased income--or even in helping more people. With an annual marketing plan, you'll have a monthly blueprint for the entire year! The form guides you through this process.

You'll break your goals up into income streams and write down strategies. Then you'll break everything out by month.

What a relief it is when you know what you're going to do each month! Think how much more marketing you'll get accomplished!

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You'll get a Word document that you can fill out with your marketing goals and plans for the entire year, broken down by month.

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