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online-business-challenge-crazy-stunt-trafficTraffic is a universal need for online entrepreneurs.

Without traffic, you can’t get subscribers or sales. It’s the foundation of an online business. In most cases, your efforts will focus on getting subscribers because it’s easier to get people who don’t know you to subscribe than to buy. After they subscribe, you can nurture the relationship and convert them to customers or clients.

But how do you attract the attention needed to get people to your website?

Below are blog posts from experts on the topic of traffic from many different points of view, niches, and target markets.

NOTE: The title of each post is the link to that post, so just click through and read!

1. onlinebusiness-get-free-traffic-website-1How to get free traffic to your website

From Ellen Finkelstein of Discover the 7 categories of ways to get traffic–all free except one. Whenever you need traffic, you can use one of these.

For example, creating partnerships is one of the most important ways to get traffic and all successful online entrepreneurs partner for this purpose.

2. 5 No-Cost Steps to Increase Your Website Traffic

Sue Painter, from, provides you with 5 steps to increase your website traffic in the next 90 days. This is a deep dive and I think you’ll be surprised at some of her steps.

She lists some great resources to help you get the technology part done, too.

3. Driving Massive Traffic Using Medium

Connie Ragen Green from shares her experience with the website and how she uses it to get traffic back to her website. The traffic started slowly but grew and grew. You’ll be fascinated by her story and detailed advice.

She explains why traffic from Medium is different and awesome, as well as how “claps” and “follows” work. If you aren’t using Medium, definitely check this out. Did you know that Medium gets almost 40 million visits per month?

4. Want More Traffic? Here are 27 Steps to Promote Your Blog Posts Better [Checklist]

Denise Wakeman of gives you an amazing blog post promotion checklist that will get you loads of traffic. These are steps for pre-publication, promoting the published blog post, promoting on “amplification sites,” and finally repurposing and republishing your blog post


5. Using Instagram to Drive Traffic

Dr. Rachna Jain of explains 5 ways to use Instagram to drive traffic to your website. Using Instagram is a little different from other methods, so you need to know the special techniques required to get people to click on a link that goes back to your website.

She has some cool hacks that you can use to tempt people to click.

6. 5 Ways to Give Away a Free Report to Find More Students

Julie Hood, of, gives us 5 places to put a free report so that more people see it. You’ll find some innovative ideas here!

You could apply the same principles to a video, worksheet, or any freebie you want to get out to the world.

7. 5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies that Convert Like Crazy

David Perdew, of, applies the principles of traffic to its end purpose, which is conversion — in this case, selling affiliate products. Obviously, you have to drive traffic to your offer.

His #1 technique is email marketing and people are surprised that sending email to your own subscribers brings you traffic — but it’s probably the major source of traffic to your website.

traffic to your website8. How To Create a Website Traffic Boomerang with Email

Meredith Eisenberg of explains how sending subscribers to your website creates a boomerang effect, improving your search results on Google, improving sales results, and getting social shares.

Then she goes the extra mile and gives you a template for how to email your subscribers to get the best results.

9. online-business-neil-patel-trafficHow to Create a Roundup Post that Will Skyrocket Your Traffic to High Heavens

Neil Patel of explains how to create a roundup post like this one to drive traffic. He provides details for finding the right topic, finding the right bloggers, reaching out to them (and following up),  and getting them to promote the roundup.

Next, he explains 5 ways to share the roundup because, obviously, the purpose is to get traffic!

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READ LATER - Download this post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

    8 replies to "Experts share their expertise on how to get more traffic to your website"

    • Denise Wakeman

      Ellen, thanks for including my post in your Traffic roundup. The selection of posts you’re featuring provides a lot of great tips for anyone looking to send more traffic to their site.

    • Ellen Finkelstein

      Denise, I really appreciated your post on “27 Ways to Promote Your Blog Better.” It’s an amazing list that will help people get a lot more traffic to their posts.

    • Jennie Vee

      I actually used some of the tips here and it worked! My Alexa ranking went from 6.5M to 2.75M when I wrote my blog post about it ( and today, I checked, it’s at 2.1M already! Thank you so much for the tips! I have yet to try the others but soon, I will too. Thanks again!

    • Jennifer A Juan

      Wow! So many tips here. I can’t wait to use them. Thank you for these tips.

    • Tuscany Kale

      I have a question about affiliate products. My blog is being offered an affiliate partnership on skin products. Is it ok to promote products that you haven’t tried? Will that drive your readers away or will they appreciate the information given about certain skin products even if I haven’t really used them?

    • Ellen Finkelstein

      Tuscany, I only promote products that I’ve either tried or from creators whom I know and trust. So you have to decide. You could ask for a sample and try it. You could research the ingredients. If the products are really an unknown thing, I’d be cautious. But in general, if what you promote is valuable for your specific audience, people will appreciate it. So, if your blog is about beauty or skin health, then it’s relevant. And you should always make it clear that your links are affiliate links.

    • Connie Ragen Green

      Thank you for rounding some of us up for this excellent post on how to get more traffic to your website, Ellen. This will be helpful to everyone who reads and takes action on the strategies we are sharing here.
      Connie Ragen Green

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