Attention: Coaches, Authors, Speakers, and Entrepreneurs…

"What If You Could Observe the Goings On
"Behind the Curtain"
Three Seasoned Entrepreneurs' Businesses?"

[Three Master Entrepreneurs Share Never Before Revealed Strategies On How You Can Quickly Accelerate Your Progress]

We're Sue Painter, Ellen Finkelstein, and Connie Ragen Green, and together we have amassed almost fifty years of experience as successful entrepreneurs. We recently got together and decided it was time for us to share our vast experience with newer entrepreneurs and small business owners so that anyone with the desire to achieve their dream of entrepreneurship could do so more easily and with guidance from those of us who walk this path every single day.


I'm Sue Painter. I’ve been an online entrepreneur for 13 years, and before that I owned a brick and mortar business for 14 years. I know what it takes to build both types of business from zero to the point that it’s successful and gives you life you most want. Before I became an entrepreneur I worked in the corporate world, so I’ve got that experience behind me, too. I believe that small businesses are the strength of our country, and give us the ability to control our own fate. Clarity is the bottom line thing you’ve got to have for success - what you’re willing to do, what your expertise is, and how that helps others. So I’ll be answering questions about brand clarity (that’s NOT your logo, colors, or website design!) and how to maximize your message so that it opens doors for you. I work with entrepreneurs all around the world, and I can’t wait to work with you during these Mastermind classes, too. You can find out more about me on my website here.

I'm Connie Ragen Green and I came online in 2006 after a twenty year career as a classroom teacher and more than twenty-five years in real estate as a broker and residential appraiser. My first year was a struggle as I attempted to sort out everything that was coming my way. Once I slogged my way through the muck and the mire, all the while avoiding the bright, shiny objects I was able to come out the other side with a viable, and soon very profitable online business. But many others I met during that time were not as fortunate. They quickly gave up their dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. I vowed to help other newer online entrepreneurs to build a business they could run from home, or from wherever in the world they happened to be.
These days I'm a multiple bestselling author, international speaker, and online marketing strategist helping people on five continents to build and grow an online business they love and deserve. With my help they create information products, become affiliate marketers, write eBooks, set up membership sites, and get involved with lucrative joint venture projects. Along the way I've learned firsthand what works and what doesn't when it comes to earning income from your business and meeting the needs of your community. I’m excited to share my knowledge with you so that you will benefit and prosper.

And I'm Ellen Finkelstein. I started my first website in 1999 as an author platform and started selling e-books and courses online in 2004 after years as an author (and a Benefits Manager before that). I had to figure out everything from scratch at that time--I created my first website by hand coding HTML-yuk! My struggle was to figure out who my target market was and the best strategy to use to reach the most people. I discovered that writing and speaking were my skills and especially had success doing webinars since 2007--sometimes reaching over 2,000 people in an event. But I saw that new online entrepreneurs who had amazing messages struggled to reach more than a few people. I became determined to help them reach the world through writing and speaking. I’ve helped thousands of people hone their presentations and get better results. Now, I want to help you!

You deserve to experience a "behind the scenes" look into the businesses of the three of us. Later on we'll tell you how you can work directly with us on a future project, but for now we want to tell you about our new MasterClass for entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneur's MasterClass:
Pulling Back the
Curtain of Online Success

Helping You to Clarify Your Direction, Get Unstuck, and to Dispel the Myths You've Been Fed and Replacing These With Relationship Marketing, Message Clarity, Massive Visibility, Productive Direction, and Tools to Get Your Message Out to the World in a Profitable and Joyous Way.

Recently all three of us put our heads together and realized that our collective goal is to serve you as you become confident, visible, and profitable in your niche and field of interest. We've got the experience (and the gray hairs to prove it!) and want to share our knowledge and expertise with you in a format that will take you from where you are right now to closer to where you'd like to be.

Learning By "Doing" Is The Fastest Path To Success

Since the beginning of time, people have learned by watching, emulating, and then replicating the success of others, while giving their unique twists to what they have observed.

This will be a three session MasterClass where you will learn:

  • How to start monetizing even the tiniest list
  • Why "brand clarity" is the crucial first step to success
  • How to speak your way to massive credibility

What You Need To Know Before You Take One More Step Towards Entrepreneurial Success…

The Reality...Becoming a successful entrepreneur is more important now than ever before in modern history because of events occurring throughout our global economy.

The Problem...Too many people are teaching methods and strategies that never worked, no longer work, or ones they are not doing on a day to day basis in their own businesses. Not only that, we see coaches teaching tools and tactics before helping you get the underlying strategies for your business in place - which only gets you overwhelmed and lost! 

The Solution...Learning from seasoned experts who are living the entrepreneurial lifestyle day in and day out is the best way to ensure your own success, now and in the future.

Our MasterClass Is The Right Information
At The Right Time For Your Business

Business is brisk across the internet. Are you set up in a way that allows you to earn your fair share of the pie? We will teach and share exactly what's working right now so that you can position yourself for success quickly and in a way that serves you and your business model.

Why You Must Not Wait To Come Aboard With Us

There is no time like the present to step up to your full potential as an entrepreneur. The world is waiting and ready with open arms to allow you to share your unique gifts and talents with the people who want and need them most, and who can only hear them from you. Are you ready?

What's Included:

  • Three webinar sessions where we will focus on our individual strengths, as they are related to you and your business
  • An opportunity for you to ask us questions directly, so that you will get the answers to your unique situation as it applies to your business and experiences
  • A "Hot Seat" Opportunity to share your story, your challenges, and your desired successes and outcome from your entrepreneurial journey

Our Promise To You:

You have our full commitment to share and teach exactly what's working right now, in a way that honors your time and effort as an entrepreneur. We steer clear of theory and focus on proven strategies and methods that have taken each of us to the top of our fields.

Just to Recap…

When you sign up today you will receive:

  • Access to Recordings of All 3 of These Comprehensive Sessions
  • Your Study Guide for All Three Sessions of Your MasterClass (1 after each class)
  • Worksheets and Templates to Facilitate and Accelerate Your Learning (after each class)
  • Access to the recordings for 1 year

Finally Get Unstuck and Achieve
True Forward Momentum

So many times in our life we commit to following a dream or goal that ends up being the last thing we thought it would be.  Instead of living each day with only small glimpses of satisfaction and fulfillment, allow the three of us to guide you towards the business you truly want and will prosper in each day.

If you want something more out of your business, if you’ve tried to make changes in the past, or if you have a specific goal but aren’t sure what it is and still don't know how to achieve it, you owe it to yourself to join us in this MasterClass.

Each Session of this MasterClass
is a Workshop Unto Itself

Session 1: The focus here will be on List Relationship Marketing and profiting from even the smallest list. Connie Ragen Green went to six figures a year with a list of only 651 people. While list building remains a integral part of any business, Connie will teach you how to incorporate relationship marketing so you may monetize the list you have right now. Your prospects will see you as their trusted advisor and feel comfortable purchasing products, courses, and services directly from you, through your own or affiliate links.

Session 2: The focus here is on Brand Clarity and Message to Market. Sue Painter is an expert when it comes to living life on your terms by building a business that delivers what people want in a way they understand and resonate with fully. During this session Sue will teach you how to maximize your message so people know who you are and what you do in a way that naturally leads them to working with you.

Session 3: The focus here is on Massive Visibility. Ellen Finkelstein will teach you how to reach the world with your message and live the life you want as a result. This is all about public speaking, both in person and online, and Ellen is the consummate expert in this area of entrepreneurship. You will come away with a new understanding and respect for the power you hold within you to speak to others in a way that will motivate, encourage, and persuade them to think of you as their leader and trusted advisor on your topic.

Imagine How Your Entrepreneurial Journey
Will Shift After Working With Us!

Imagine what it will be like when you have the three of us - Ellen Finkelstein, Connie Ragen Green, and Sue Painter - in your corner. You benefit from our almost fifty years of combined experience. We've skinned our knees and course corrected numerous times over the years so that we can share exactly what works and, perhaps more importantly, what definite does not work when it comes to online entrepreneurship.

This is hard work, but working smart makes it all more doable and realistic for you. Our wish for you is that you move forward with the skills, strategies, and methods that the most successful entrepreneurs use on a daily basis to build relationships with those on your list, have clarity around your brand and message you want to share in the marketplace, and have the knowledge and systems in place to speak to your prospects and clients with confidence and self-assuredness. You'll be poised for great success in your niche and field and have the ability to rise to the top as you share your unique gifts and message with the world.

Yes, I Want to Be a Part of This MasterClass!

P.S. If you're ready to alter the path of success in your favor, our MasterClass will guide you every step of the way. Join now and discover just how simple it is to build the business you originally dreamed of creating at some point in the past.

This is an amazing and rare offer!