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Create video social media posts in 5 minutes or less — 4 Comments

  1. What great ideas you have Ellen! I love the idea of short video’s, and am thankful for the helpful information, the templates and the various ways to use them. Thanks for being so generous with your talent!!!

  2. Love the concept but unfortunately twitter won’t let me upload the wmv. Says it is not supported yet. Tried to save it on a Mac as well but apparently have an old version of PPT for Man that doe snot have the appropriate save options. 🙁

  3. Kent, Twitter isn’t involved at all and there is no WMV file. If you have a very old version of PowerPoint, still using ppt instead of pptx, you might have problems with it. But remember that you can create these from scratch — although the last one uses a new transition. That’s why I provide you with the instructions.

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