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Create a Short Report that You Can Sell
Over and Over

A short report is an ideal first product, after you have created your freebie and when you are consistently building your list of subscribers.

A short report is shorter than an e-book but long enough to contain significant content.

Think of it like a “quick read” e-book. People like reports because they’re substantial but quick to read.

Join the “Create Your Irresistible Short Report” workshop
to create and sell an easy product that can bring you income
for years to come.

Create an Irresistible Short Report Workshop

Why I Created this Workshop

I see so many online entrepreneurs get stuck at creating their first product.

OR, they create one big product and don’t have anything at a lower price to entice people to get to know what they have to offer.

A short report is easy to create and will sell for years. Every time I promote my short reports, they fly off the “shelves.” You can have this “money on demand,” too!

I decided to make the process easy in a hands-on workshop so you can get the support you need while creating your short report.

 > > > The Time Is Now < < <

This workshop may not be repeated so don’t miss out if you want create a product that you can sell over and over.

I don’t want you to continue to struggle on your own, not being able to make the income your Knowledge deserves, YOU deserve.

How Is the “Create an Irresistible Short Report”
Workshop Structured?

We’ll have 4 sessions with a possibility of a 5th one if needed. I want to make sure you get this done!

Thursday, June 17, June 24, July 1, July 8

and July 22 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

Session 1
(Thursday, June 17 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET):

Conceive your 10 to 25-page report — including finding pre-existing content that you can use as a resource — and write its irresistible title. During the week, you’ll outline your short report.

Session 2
(Thursday, June 24 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET):

We’ll review your outline and I’ll make comments to help make it irresistible. I’ll explain how to write or dictate your short report. During the week, you’ll write or dictate the report.

Session 3
(Thursday, July 1 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET):

Write your sales page, thank you page, and delivery page. Write your autoresponders. I’ll give you templates. During the week, you’ll outsource a cover and report design. (I’ll give you my favorite cover designer on Fiverr.) I’ll give you a template for the report, but you can also outsource that. You’ll also complete your pages and autoresponders.

Session 4
(Thursday, July 8 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET):

Create a promotion plan and start selling!

Optional Session 5 (Thursday, July 22): Finishing touches, more promotion, analysis of results and celebration!

I’ll give you templates and resources — everything you need. You’ll also get an email after each session with a summary and your homework.

Each session will be recorded and stored on a Resources page so you can go back and review it.

By the End, You’ll Have a Short Report that You Can Sell Again and Again!

Here’s what people said about my last event, a 5-day challenge

"It was a great challenge and it really got me doing the work. Challenges don't always have that effect on me, but it was just the right amount of encouragement and I loved the bite sized pieces."

—Jan Small

“Thank you so much for the excellent job you are doing on the challenge. I hope you will be able to offer it in the future for others — it is really good and helpful.”

Maureen Chesoni


The purpose of the “Create an Irresistible Short Report” workshop is to create a low-priced product around $17), so I’ve included bonuses to help you:

1. Quick Content Creation Bundle

 (I sell it for $47)
Templates and training for creating content and products quickly

2. How to Write and Sell an E-book

 (I sell it for $12)
7 steps to creating an e-book that you sell on your website.
A short report is very similar.

3. Worksheets and Templates for the Online Entrepreneur

 (I sell it for $37)
You’ll get a Sales Page Template, a Product Creation Worksheet and 16 more amazing resources.

4. 5 Ways to Multiply Your Business
with Partnering

This guide will build on the workshop by showing you how to get others to promote your report

Is This Worth the Cost?

This workshop will not only give you a product you can sell but teach you a skill – creating and selling products – you can use over and over for years to come.

At $147, this is a small investment with huge potential. Probably less that you would pay for a new outfit or a nice dinner for two at a restaurant. Probably less than you would pay for a self-study course on a similar topic offering no contact with the teacher.

So, Let’s Summarize!
The Create an Irresistible Short Report” workshop...

... will have 4-5 sessions: Thursday, June 17, June 24, July 1, July 8 and July 22 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

Will be via Zoom meeting and will be recorded.

Will be recorded and stored on the Resources page so you can go back and review it.

Will come with some homework, so you implement as you go. By the end, you’ll have a new product and will have offered it to your subscribers. You may even make back the cost of the workshop!

For the workshop plus the 4 bonuses, you’ll pay $147.

Create Your Irresistible Short Report workshop (CtWM)

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