Online entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and coaches who want to share their
knowledge with more people and increase their income

Now You Too Can Get Your Knowledge Out to the World
and Profit at the Same Time

How to Create and Sell an Online Product that People Will Buy, Learn From, and Implement

It's Time to Stop Being a Secret! To Finally Make Your Knowledge Available to Others

Online entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and coaches who want to share their
knowledge with more people and increase their income


Create and Sell a Profitable Online Product

Later on I'll give you 3 reasons why online products are the best way to sell knowledge. Better than Amazon Kindle books. Better than live seminars. Better than coaching.

But first, I want to talk about what you might have experienced, because I've heard this a lot...

Have you tried to create a course and found that no one came? (How discouraging is that?)
Perhaps you started a product but never finished it because it seemed like SUCH a huge project
You might have LOTS of content but find the technology of selling it overwhelming

Create and Sell a Profitable Online Product

will give you everything you need to know about getting your knowledge out to the world

3 parts cover everything you need to know — including topics not covered elsewhere.

Part 1 — PLAN: One of the reasons products don't sell is that they seem valuable to the creator but not to customers. Whether it's the content, title, or description, planning and research can solve this problem and ensure that people will want what you have to offer.

Part 1 covers the 4 components of planning and shows you that research doesn't need to take a long time or be difficult. You'll get specific, step-by-step instructions.

Part 2 — BUILD: Many knowledge creators make a bigger project out of their product than is necessary or even useful, so they never finish. You'll learn a systematic approach that starts by organizing the material and uses existing content.

Part 2 covers the 5 steps of building your product in detail so that you don't get overwhelmed.

Part 3 — PROMOTE: Too many online business owners fall short when it comes to promotion. Maybe they just hate that part or they don't know the available channels.

Part 3 covers the 5 pieces of the promotion puzzle so that you get results!

All 3 modules include video training plus a PDF of the slides.
Follow-up emails provide more details and keep you on track!

This course is full of specific resources and suggestions to get you started — and finished — with ease.
Examples are:

Keyword Research Tool

A tool to research what people are searching for (keywords) so that you create a product people want and discover what to call it

Content Resources

Sources for content you can legally reuse so you don’t have to start from scratch!

Shopping Cart Suggestions

If you’re just starting out, I provide several suggestions for shopping carts, merchant accounts and gateways — the technology you need to sell
products online

When you are finished with this course, you will be able to create online products such as these...

Checklists, tip sheets, worksheets, resource lists, and cheatsheets
E-books, reports, transcripts, and guides
Live and recorded online products and courses

If what I'm sharing with you here makes sense for you..... then my new training is the logical next step. Here's why...

You can reach more people online than you can in person. With live seminars or workshops, you'll reach a few people at a time. You can sell your online course or product to thousands of people.
You can keep almost all of the money you take in! (If you work with affiliate partners, you'll sell more, but will have to give them a commission.)
You can charge whatever you feel the product is worth and what people will pay for it. With many online platforms, like Amazon and Udemy, you have much less control over the price.
You can use online products as a gateway to high-end coaching and services.

For many years, I wrote books for major publishers like Wiley & Sons and McGraw-Hill. My books were bestsellers for years and one 1200-page tome went to 17 editions! But my royalty was about 10% of the wholesale price of the book. My largest book retailed on Amazon for $30 and I got only about $1.50 per book!

But as paper books became e-books and the opportunity to self-publish became real, I realized I could reach more people and earn more money with e-books. I kept over 90% of the profits when I sold them to my own list. I loved that sales could happen at any time, 24/7. I had more freedom to travel. I could write and publish whatever I wanted, rather than what my publisher approved of.

It felt wonderful! But more important, I was able to earn a good living doing this — along with coaching and affiliate marketing -- enough to build our first home in 2004.

When I started creating my own online products, I also saw how I could really inspire people to change their lives. Yet I saw others struggle to write the right content and understand the technology of creating and selling a profitable online product. Other content-creation courses only told part of the story, so I decided to get my knowledge and experience out to the world.

Many of my books and courses were about presenting and I had taught thousands of presenters, speakers and trainers in almost 100 countries how to help their audiences understand, remember and implement their message. In 2010, I became a PowerPoint MVP (Most Valuable Professional, a Microsoft award, one of only 14 in the United States). So I was able to easily pull together my 20+ years of experience to create a course on creating impactful and profitable online products!

What's included in How to Create and Sell a Profitable Online Product

How to build your product easily and confidently so that you get it to market quickly
The 5 ways to promote your free opt-in
How to promote your product, including technical details for creating a working Buy button, and the 4 channels you must consider
PDFs of all of the slides to make reviewing and implementing the training easy!
A series of follow-up emails for each lesson to give you more details and motivate you to implement the training

My Promise to You

You will be able to plan your online product, create it, and then promote it with the thorough and step-by-step training I have included in How to Create and Sell a Profitable Online Product.


How to Get Joint Venture Partnerships, a report that shows you how to find others who will promote your products for you, a $17 value
Get It Done! A video course that will help you focus and get rid of distractions, so you can get your product finished faster, a $77 value
13 Techniques that Make Designing Your Slides EASY


30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you aren’t satisfied, let me know why within 30 days from purchase and we’ll refund your money. There’s no risk to try this product and you have a LOT to gain.

For less than the price of a new outfit or suit of clothes, you can invest in a program that will bring you financial benefit for years to come -- and open up an outpouring of Knowledge from you to the world. Isn't it worth it to learn as much as you possibly can in order to help yourself and your future customers?

I told you I would explain the 3 reasons why creating and selling an online product is the best way to get your knowledge out to the world:

Reach more people: Because they aren't physical, people from around the world can easily purchase online products and courses
Sell 24/7: When you create a working sales page on your website, people can buy your online products at any time, even while you sleep!
Have more free time: Because most products don't require you to be available at a specific time, you can free up your time more easily

And one more thing!

I mentioned that you'll get follow-up emails to give you more details and keep you on track. But I want to support you all the way. So during the 3 months after you buy the course, you can reply to any email and ask a question — and I'll answer. Maybe there's something you don't understand. Maybe you're stuck on a decision. Whatever it is, I'll help you. I've got your back to help you create and sell your online product!

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